Donald Trump Jr.'s 'proud father' moment is sparking controversy

Donald Trump Jr. has taken to Instagram to share a ‘proud father’ moment of his 6-year-old son Tristan practising archery on Saturday.

In the video, Tristan shoots an arrow at a sandbag on the ground while Trump’s voice can be heard in the background praising his son’s shot.

However, not everybody is too pleased about it, with some of Donald Jr.’s followers being concerned that Tristian is too young to be wielding a bow and arrow.

“How old is he @donaldjtrumpjr? Can a 6-year-old do the bow?” one person commented on the post, clearly worried he may be too young.

According to Archery 360 the recommended age for kids to start archery is 8, however, the site also notes that the starting age for children and archery isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

So if a child like Tristan has a good attention span and can follow the proper safety procedures, he might be just fine starting archery at a younger age.

Despite the concern, others were genuinely impressed by the youngster’s skill and praised Donald Jr. on his parenting.

Donald Trump Jr. has been commended for his parenting for teaching his son archery at the young age of 6 however not everyone agrees. Source: Getty

“What an awesome and talented young man! Gonna be like his dad someday that’s for sure!” one follower said.

While another supported teaching kid’s archery at a young age saying they were teaching their 5-year-old granddaughter to shoot.

In a Reddit thread about how young is too young to start kids with archery, parents also shared tips for keeping youngsters safe with one suggesting covering a children’s archery set with “foam balls and lots of tape.”

Another suggested starting young ones out with things like Nerf products before graduating them to true bows and arrows. But based on Trump’s video, it looks like Tristan does know how to handle the equipment safely, and he’s a pretty good shot too.

Not too mention, Donald Trump Jr. is a longtime hunter, so we have no doubt he is teaching his son how to handle the bow safely.

Meanwhile, Trump faced backlash for a different reason when he tweeted out a link to the Instagram post. As he and his son played golf and practised archery on Saturday, many people across the country joined “Families Belong Together” marches.

So when Trump Jr. shared his post on the same day, some people tweeted at him about his father’s administration’s immigration policy, saying that he was lucky not to be separated from his children.

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