A Dollop Of Greek Yogurt Takes Your Pumpkin Pie To The Next Level

Small cup of Greek yogurt
Small cup of Greek yogurt - Kajakiki/Getty Images

There's no dessert that says "fall" quite like pumpkin pie. It's sweet, has notes of autumnal spices, and tastes great whether you eat it hot out of the oven or chilled with a hefty dollop of whipped vanilla cream.

Now, while most of us just follow the directions on the pumpkin purée jar (or the directions on a classic pumpkin pie recipe), this is a mistake. While these recipes taste fine, there are some simple hacks you can implement to help you improve your pumpkin pie. One easy hack is to add Greek yogurt to your pumpkin pie filling mixture. Or you can add a dollop atop your pumpkin pie once it's baked to elevate its flavor!

Either way, here's why Greek yogurt pairs perfectly with pumpkin pie -- plus a couple of other ways to elevate your pumpkin pie recipe this year that go beyond adding a bit of yogurt.

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Why You Should Add Greek Yogurt To Your Pumpkin Pie

pie with dollop of yogurt
pie with dollop of yogurt - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Greek yogurt is a great way to elevate your pumpkin pie eating experience, thanks to the slightly sour nature of the snack. Unlike whipped cream, which is relatively sweet, Greek yogurt has a decided zing to it that complements the sweetness of your pumpkin pie. As a result, it works well as a substitute for whipped cream.

Beyond tasting great as a condiment, however, Greek yogurt also ramps up your pumpkin pie when you add it directly to your pumpkin pie filling. The reason for this is that the yogurt makes your pie's filling thicker and more flavorful (especially if you opt for full-fat yogurt). If you struggle with striking a balance between watery filling and making the pie too much like cheesecake, it can make your pie a bit thicker.

Finally, Greek yogurt can also make a great addition to your pumpkin pie if you're clean out of evaporated milk. While most recipes call for evaporated milk, Greek yogurt can be a tangy substitute for this milk product if you just don't have it on hand. The reasons and ways to use Greek yogurt in your pumpkin pie abound, and all of them lead to a delicious dessert!

Other Creative Ways To Level Up Your Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie on a table
Pumpkin pie on a table - Mphillips007/Getty Images

Adding Greek yogurt to your pumpkin pie isn't the only way to elevate this fall dessert. Besides just throwing a dollop of this dairy product into (or on top of) your pie, you can also try swapping out the milk in the recipe for eggnog. Eggnog has a rich, creamy taste that adds flavor to your pie. Plus, if you need to make your pie dairy-free, there are plenty of dairy-free eggnogs that you can use in your pie to do so.

Another pro tip for getting the best pumpkin pie this autumn is to add some other seasonal root veggies such as squash or sweet potatoes to your pumpkin purée. This can add an extra seasonal flavor to your dish without turning it into a straight-up sweet potato pie. Or you can ramp up the flavor of your dessert by adding pumpkin pie spices to the crust. This will play on the taste of the filling. Regardless of how you choose to enhance your pumpkin pie, rather than sticking with a classic recipe, this year, get a little creative and step up your pie-baking game.

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