Dog Behaviorist Explains How To Help Pups Cope with Fireworks and 4th of July Stressors


With everyone preparing for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, this is top-of-mind and especially for pet parents looking to travel with their dog to celebrate the holiday weekend. While Fourth of July is extra fun for humans, it can come with some challenges for dogs such as fireworks, heat exhaustion and navigating pet-friendly locations.

Mars Petcare’s Pet Parent Partners Behaviorist, Jessa Paschke, shared some tips on how to keep your dogs safe and calm this holiday weekend.

Summer events can be fun, but here's how to keep your dog safe<p>oneinchpunch/Shutterstock</p>
Summer events can be fun, but here's how to keep your dog safe


Prepare for fireworks: Many dogs are startled by fireworks and thus are more inclined to run away. We recommend keeping your dog in a fenced-in backyard or taking them out on a leash to help prevent this. Make sure their pet ID tags are up to date, that way, in case they do get out, they have a better chance of being returned. If you know your pet has trouble with loud noises, think about buying them noise limiting headphones and teaching them to be comfortable wearing them ahead of time.

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Beware of the heat: If you’re spending time outside with your pup, make sure you are watching them for any signs of overheating, which could be excessive panting, drooling or difficulty breathing. If you notice any of these symptoms, take them inside right away.

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Mind the BBQ: It’s important to be mindful of having human food around pets, as well as safety around a hot grill. It’s best not to give our pets any human foods, as it can lead to an upset stomach. Foods such as onions, garlic, chocolate, grapes and xylitol (often used as a sweetener) are harmful to our pets, so be sure that food is out of their reach. You can have special pet treats on hand, so that the pets are able to join in on the delicious celebrations.

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Provide a safe space: Having a safe place for your dog to retreat to when fireworks are going off is a great way for them to find comfort. This space could be a kennel, a bed or even a small room and should include comfortable bedding and some of their favorite toys. It’s great to acclimate pets to using a kennel or crate ahead of big events, travel or in this case, potentially both. This space should always be a positive spot that can be their haven during busy/loud times.

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Prep for dog-friendly travel: If you’re traveling for the holiday, you can visit the new Pet Travel Hub from Tripadvisor and CESAR® Canine Cuisine to help plan and prepare properly for your Fourth of July trip. The CESAR brand is committed to making the world a more dog-friendly place, and this new offering can help pet parents find the dog-friendliest spots during their travels. Be sure to check out the AI Trip Builder or the City Guides to make sure your pup is good to go wherever you are.

Thanks to Mars Pet and Jessa Paschke for all the helpful tips on making sure our dogs have the most relaxing and calming Fourth of July weekend ever!