What does it mean when you draw The Empress tarot card?

what does the empress tarot card mean for you
What does The Empress tarot card mean for you?Hearst Owned

The Empress tarot card is number three in the deck, part of the ‘power card’ section the major arcana. These cards are game changers, representing unseen forces at play in our lives, destiny taking a part in our future and icons of the tarot. If you draw The Empress, what do you need to know?

What The Empress card represents

The Empress embodies feminine power and energies - Venus, Mother Nature, fertility and pregnancy, love, home, creativity, and nature. The Empress is a beautiful invitation to give birth to something fulfilling, heartfelt, and beloved in your life - whether that be a literal child or pet, or something more abstract such as a new creative project, a hobby taking you into natural landscapes, or a new friendship. Love is all around you and it’s time to take your share and embed it into your life in a sustainable and meaningful way. Focus on love. Be led by your best hopes, be positive, be open-hearted and minded. Abundance is possible.

The Empress is nurturing, kind, compassionate, knowing, and non-judgmental. She is one of the tarot’s patron saints of self care and self love. When you draw The Empress, you can ask yourself how loved you feel, what you love, and what you can do to bring more love into your life. Be a beacon for peace, harmony, joy, and (your perception of) beautiful things, people, places, and activities. Take good care of your health and wellbeing. Stop hurting or criticising yourself.

The Empress represents the indulgent, beautiful, planet of Venus, ruling over Taurus and Libra. Venus governs love, money, pleasure, aesthetics. Both Taurus and Libra are wonderful romancers, committed to their love life, good with money, and drawn towards beautiful things. The Empress designs a wonderful life for herself, albeit the wonder of it comes from her attachments, care, and love for others. No person is an island. The Empress asks you to find your tribe, your passion, and your foundations with other people or projects.

Visually (in the Rider Waite deck), The Empress shows a blonde woman wearing a crown of twelve stars, representing her connection with the esoteric world and the cycles of nature. She is at one with heaven and Earth. Her robe is patterned with fertility symbolic pomegranates and the cushion she sits upon features the symbol of Venus. Her apparel and surrounds represent love, fertility, abundance and nature.

What The Empress card means

Depending on what you're looking for guidance or answers around, The Empress card can mean many things:

  • Love? You are falling in love, or are going to soon. This relationship is going to lead to something long-lasting, loving and loyal, potentially also a family.

  • Family? A growing family! This card is a strong omen of fertility and pregnancy, a growing brood.

  • Career? Focus on your passions, your creativity, and your natural talents that make you feel in flow and at peace. Focus on good relationships and networking with people you like. It’s often via positive connections that you can find your place.

  • Money? It’s time to make hay and create wealth. Invest, invent, speculate, create. What you put out into the world will come to you in tangible, financial rewards.

If you pull The Empress reversed then there is likely to be some kind of (usually self imposed) blockage to your hopes or desires for ~birthing~ something new into your life. Perhaps a rift with someone you love, an obstacle in your family goals, a money problem, or a creative block. Be patient and compassionate with yourself and work through the tangle, unraveling it so that you can pursue your heart’s desire.

Ways you can use The Empress tarot card

  • Place the card as a signifier in the centre of any spreads you create about love, family, creativity, or abundance. Let The Empress attract the good things you wish for into your reading in the form of guidance about how to pursue them.

  • Pair with a pink crystal and place at the edge of your next bath! Turn this bath into a self care ritual. Imagine yourself in The Empress’s temple or sanctuary and that she is giving you all of her love and nurturing power. Light candles, use essential oils and massage, pamper yourself, meditate and daydream in the warmth of the water. Let your imagination bring you ideas and visions of how to attract an abundance of your desires into your life.

  • If you are a Taurus or Libra, consider getting a print of The Empress someplace in your bedroom or dressing area, to remind you every day of your love, money, and aesthetic powers!

  • Pop this card into your purse or phone wallet when you’re going on a date. The Empress will bring you confidence, charm, and ignite your powers of attraction.

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