Does Your Costco Food Court Have This Soda Fountain Typo?

Costco soda fountains
Costco soda fountains - calimedia/Shutterstock

Walking into a Costco is sort of like walking into a different world, where no single trip is like the last. But, there are methods to the madness — most of which end with you bolting straight to the food court for a slice of Costco pizza. While shopping, your attention is much more centered on getting through your shopping list or trying to find where Costco moved that one thing and why (the reason is actually pretty clever, though inconvenient). So, the food court is your space to wind down before loading everything into the car. Only, if you're a stickler about spelling, you might find that hard to do. Some Costco shoppers have noticed a typo on the soda fountains, listing the Tropicana pink and light lemonades as "lemondades."

The error seemed to have evaded Costco shoppers' attention until around late May, when one Reddit user shared an image of it in a Florida store. Since then, more Reddit users have come forward to share images of the typo spotted at other locations — from Montana to Long Island to Arizona.

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Lemon-Ed Ade, Or Lemonade? Costco Typo Theories Bring Up More Questions Than Answers

Costco soda fountain close up
Costco soda fountain close up - CaptainComedy/Reddit

There's no saying whether this typo is present at all Costco locations, but it's safe to say it's a fairly new addition to the wholesale store's food courts. The soda fountain machines photographed with the typos on them all feature PepsiCo's new logo, which was unveiled in March of 2023 — so the "lemondade" fiasco couldn't have gone without notice for longer than a year. Even so, it's natural to wonder how such a mistake could go unnoticed and then put out into the world. It's so silly that some have even speculated that the typo could be intentional, noting that there might be a trademark on the term. But, Tropicana spells lemonade right everywhere else, so those speculations were quickly squashed.

In fact, most imagined reasonings behind the improper spelling are quickly thrown out the window when you look closer to the rest of the writing on the photographed soda fountains. Underneath the list of beverages and their calorie counts, and right below the pink and light Tropicana "lemondades," is a small blurb clarifying that all trademarks listed on the machine belong to the "respectve" owners. The whole ordeal has only seemed to raise attention to all the other typos found around the store, such as the spelling of unstoppables as "unstopables" in the laundry aisle, or that one time the Kirkland Signature ham was labeled with a reminder for shoppers to keep it "reridgerated."

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