Does Aldi Sell Alcohol?

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When shopping for groceries on a budget, Aldi offers quality items at a more reasonable price than most name-brands can offer. The chain also features a selection of alcohol, including wine and beer, plus hard ciders and seltzers. With plenty of alcohol available in-store, an Aldi shopping excursion means you can pick up everything you need for dinner or a gathering of friends and loved ones.

Much like the store's other popular private-label products, Aldi carries its own brands of wine and beer. For instance, the Wernesgrüner pilsner claims to offer a nice balanced flavor that makes it eminently drinkable. When it comes to wine, consider the Exquisite Collection Chardonnay, which is said to be an easy-drinking wine with citrus notes and a buttery finish. While you may be tempted to hit up your local Aldi to sample these selections, keep in mind that the store is beholden to local laws regarding alcohol sales. That means your mileage may vary when it comes to alcohol availability at your preferred location.

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Why Don't All Aldi Locations Carry Alcohol?

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According to the Aldi website, the chain can only sell alcohol in places that permit such sales within grocery stores. State laws typically dictate where alcohol can be sold, but alcohol sales can also be regulated on the municipal level. Accordingly, Aldi recommends that customers consult its store locator to determine whether they can purchase alcohol where they live.

Alcohol laws vary greatly from state to state. For instance, customers can buy both beer and wine in Pennsylvania, Oregon, Texas, North Carolina, Colorado, and many other states, while all kinds of alcohol are for sale in stores located in California, Michigan, and Washington, among many others. However, customers in Utah, Mississippi, and certain other states are only allowed to purchase beer. And in Alaska and Maryland, it's almost impossible to purchase alcohol at any grocery store (save for a few establishments within Maryland). While laws regarding age restrictions for purchasing alcohol are uniform throughout the U.S., states get to decide whether grocery chains like Aldi can sell alcohol.

Fun Drink Recipes Courtesy Of Aldi

drinking sangria with friends
drinking sangria with friends - Kanawa_studio/Getty Images

Provided you live in an area that permits alcohol sales within grocery stores, you're sure to be satisfied with the selection offered at Aldi. The budget grocery chain also provides drink recipes to ensure customers can concoct tasty beverages when entertaining guests. Bourbon Apple Beer is one recipe that combines the rich flavors of bourbon with lager, as well as other ingredients. To make this drink, combine chilled bourbon, apple juice, honey, and ground cinnamon in a bowl. Once well-incorporated, transfer the mixture to a glass and add an equal portion of lager.

If you're more of a sangria person, you may love Aldi's recipe for SanGrita, which incorporates frozen lime bars into the mix. Add frozen lime bars (sans wooden sticks) to a blender along with sangria and blend until a smooth consistency is achieved. To garnish the drink, sprinkle salt and sugar on a plate and mix well. Moisten the lip of the glass you plan to serve the SanGrita in, then place the glass upside down in the sugar-salt mixture. Add the SanGrita to each glass and enjoy the salty-sweet beverage.

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