Doctor’s simple hack to fall asleep faster goes viral on TikTok

If you suffer with insomnia or are simply stressed to the max, lack of quality shut-eye can really impact your health.

TikTok is full of popular sleep hacks, with everything from eating a banana before bed, to simple yoga positions, being credited with helping to send you off to dreamland.

One such hack - that’s clocked up almost 29 million views - says the secret to falling asleep lies in keeping your feet warm before bed.

woman's feet with socks in bed with book and cup of coffee
Wearing socks can increase blood circulation and actually lower your core temperature for sleeping. Photo: Getty (vikialis via Getty Images)

Warm feet may actually help to keep you cool

Having cold feet can constrict your blood vessels meaning less blood is circulating around your body. By doing something as simple as wearing socks before bed on cooler nights, you can boost your circulation which, in turn, can actually help lower your core temperature.

In the viral video, TikTok user Doctor Jess Andrade, explains, “wearing socks makes your feet warm and this opens up the blood vessels that cools the body down.”

“The body being cool tells the brain that it’s time to go to bed, so actually, people that wear socks tend to fall asleep faster,” the American doctor says.

TikTok users raved about the sleep hack, with one person exclaiming, “This is cool, ‘cause I can’t sleep without my socks!”


“I can’t sleep without wearing socks. Actually, I can’t live without them”, said another.

“Yesss! I love wearing socks to bed!”, another user enthused.

Others weren’t so sure about the hack, though, with some finding it downright bizarre to wear socks in bed.

“Wearing socks to bed is a sin!” joked one user.

“I feel frustrated with socks!” cried another.

“I actually can’t sleep if my feet AREN’T cold!” another insisted.

Other ways feet are linked to better sleep

Wellness expert Jay Riggs, of Zeal CBD, also weighed in on all things feet and sleep, and says that feet can be linked to sleep through relaxation and pressure points.

“Massaging your feet can make you feel super relaxed and sleepy,” he tells Yahoo Lifestyle, “Your feet have thousands and thousands of nerves in them. Therefore, massaging before sleep and releasing any tense feelings in your feet can make you feel a lot less pressure, and a lot sleepier.”

It turns out that having warm feet can also warm your body, which some people prefer to help them sleep.

“Having warm feet creates better blood flow, therefore warming up your body,” Jay says.

“The reason this helps with sleep is because feeling warm and content means you are at your most comfortable and relaxed, resulting in tired and sleepy feelings.”

What’s the best way to keep feet warm?

“The best way to keep your feet warm is to avoid bare feet whenever you can, and remember to wear socks or slippers instead,” Jay advises. “You can even wear socks to bed if you feel this is comfortable.”

“You must also ensure that you do not get your feet wet when out in rainy weather, and try to wear waterproof shoes, as wet shoes can cause freezing feet.

“Make sure if you do feel a chill, to keep moving around, creating a better blood circulation to warm your feet.”

three people's feet wearing slippers
Keeping your feet toasty before bed is a good idea. Photo: Getty (Reggie Casagrande via Getty Images)

Bonus sleep tips

For those whose feet are toasty-warm but are still finding it difficult to sleep, Jay has some extra tips for you.

1. Stick to a sleep schedule

Try not to get any more than eight hours of sleep every night, as having too much sleep can cause over tiredness or sleep issues when trying to fall asleep again the next night.

2. Avoid caffeine

Try to avoid any caffeine, alcohol or sugar before bed.

Things such as caffeine, alcohol and sugar can sometimes make you feel slightly nervous or more observant, leading to over thinking or jittery feelings. This could result in poor sleep-cutting these things out before bed will give you a much more restful sleep.

3. Keep naps short

If you are feeling tired during the day due to a previous bad night's sleep, try not to nap for too long. Napping for too long can cause even more insomnia at night time, and will ruin any sleep schedule you may have been practicing.

4. Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly is great for releasing hormones, as well as tiring you out for the evening.

Afternoon or morning workouts are a great suggestion to feel like you have accomplished something great for the day, but most importantly, will help you sleep better that evening.

5. Keep a peaceful environment

Try to keep your bedroom a quiet place for sleeping and relaxing.

When heading to bed, try to keep the room dark, hiding any daylight and keep the room at a comfortable temperature.

Shut out any distractions such as mobile phones or TV to allow yourself to truly rest.

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