Doctor Who Duo Cheer Finale Scene in Which They ‘Bawled Like Babies’

The following contains spoilers from the June 21 season finale of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who’s Millie Gibson and newly revealed TV mum Faye McKeever had a bit of a mother-daughter lovefest on Instagram, as each reflected on the wonderfully directed, beautifully written and emotionally charged scene in which Ruby Sunday introduced herself to Louise Alison Miller.

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In the Season “1” finale, “Empire of Death,” the Doctor (played by Ncuti Gatwa) gleaned that Roger ap Gwilliam, the future politician from the episode “73 Yards,” held the key to IDing Ruby Sunday’s birth mother, thanks to the DNA registration he would put into law.

After Fifteen and friends vanquished the season’s Big Bad, Sutekh, UNIT was able to procure a match from that 2040s DNA database, revealing at long last that the new companion’s birth mother was Louise, a 35-year-old nurse in Coventry who, at age 15, gave birth to Ruby.

Ruby eventually made tracks for Coventry, finding Louise in a cafe. Ruby, in claiming her coffee order, detailed the origin of her first name — the road on which she’d been left at a church on Christmas Eve 2004.

“You left me where I was safe,” Ruby said through tears. “And I just want to say thank you.”

Louise immediately realized whom she was sitting across from, and the ladies each sprung up form their seats to share a huge nearly two decades in the making.

“[Millie] 🩶 you talented little fellow Mancunian,” McKeever — whose previous TV credits include BBC’s The Responder, ITV’s After the Flood and the Sky 1 supermarket comedy Trollied — wrote on Instagram, referring to the actresses’ shared Manchester roots. “We bawled like babies when we did this scene. As an actor, it is an absolute treat when you are both completely and utterly IN the moment together. Thank you Millie.”

Gibson (a TVLine Performer of the Week honorable mention) in turn regrammed McKeever’s story, adding the note, “My beautiful Faye 🩶🩶🩶 thank you.”

What did you think of Ruby and Louise’s reunion, and where Ruby’s “to be continued” story might go next?

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