Doctor has the cutest way of distracting baby from jab

Kristine Tarbert
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

This paediatrician has come up with an adorable way to distract babies and keep them calm when giving them their shots.

Humming a goofy tune and playfully poking their tummy, he can quickly administer the shots and distract them from the pain.

The video above shows the humming doctor tickle the baby girl, and she clearly loves it, giggling at the funny noises.

This doctor sings and tickles his little patients. Photo: Jukin Media

She doesn’t see the doctor take the lid off the needle, or notice the quick jab in the leg.

As dad puts his thumb on the spot, mum, who was filming the video, can be heard saying “are you kidding me?”

But that wasn’t where the fun ended. After disposing of the needle, the doctor then grabs out a bubble blower. Yes bubbles!

Can it really get any better?

‘She didn’t even realise.’ Photo: Jukin Media

“She didn’t even realise,” mum says again, “can I make this appointment for myself?”

“I won’t get away with it twice,” the doctor responds, as he prepares the second needle.

And sure enough while the little girl was still loving his song and giggling away, within seconds of the second needle going in she decided she’d had enough.

But hey, we’d say this was a pretty painless visit to the doctor.

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