DIY Survival Bag In Case Of Weather Emergencies

In certain parts of the country, storm warnings are most definitely a reality for folks. Our clever Jessica Hord is going to give you some necessary preparation tips when it comes to building a storm bag for your family. It's really not that hard, so it's much better to be prepared than to find yourself having regrets. You'll Need: — Large bag/suitcase — Gallon of water  — Flashlight  — Spare batteries for flashlight — Extra prescription medications — Protein bars — One trash bag per person — First aid kit — Towel — Extra cell phone charger with cable — Emergency phone numbers — Extra cash   Instructions: 1. Pack all items in the bag and store where it's quickly accessible. You're done!   Inspired by: That's What Che Said...   You can also find more items and information on creating a Storm Sack, including items for pets and children, here: