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Who Should Use Our Family Wizard?

I think Our Family Wizard is a great resource for any set of coparents, particularly those in high-conflict divorce. If you have ever found yourself in an ongoing argument about who said what (and when) with your ex, I think you'll find the app extremely helpful. It can also be used by lawyers, mediators, counselors, and other professionals to simplify and/or monitor client communications.

I used with my ex-husband for the initial (postdivorce) year at the suggestion of my therapist, who often heard about the stress and resentment that was building in our relationship as we attempted to navigate life as parents after divorce. We both kind of scoffed at the idea initially, but it certainly taught us how to communicate in healthier ways.

After Divorce, the Only Thing That Helped Me Talk to My Ex Was the Our Family Wizard App

Coparenting after my divorce was tough, but thankfully, I had Our Family Wizard (a scheduling app) to help keep my ex-husband and I on the same page about our kids. Nothing could have prepared me for life after divorce as a mother; the details of life in two homes were overwhelming. The kids struggle to remember whose day it is and we, as parents, are responsible for tracking the details of scheduling, finances, sports, and special occasions. While our marriage was over, our relationship as coparents was just beginning. Communication in those early years wasn't easy, and we argued just as much, if not more, than when we were married. I couldn't help but wonder what the purpose of getting divorced was.

And while it was messy, complicated, and stressful, I was thankful for tools like Our Family Wizard to help ease the pain. For us, a divorced couple parenting with a 50-50 custody arrangement, Our Family Wizard acted as a liaison between our two homes. In fact, it was designed specifically to "uncomplicate your communication" with your coparent - something I especially needed. Here's everything I've learned from using Our Family Wizard. Hopefully, it can help you coparent more peacefully, too.


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