Disturbing detail in Meghan's coat of arms

Bianca Soldani
Lifestyle Editor Australia

The coat of arms Meghan Markle was gifted on her wedding day is filled with personal significance.

Plenty of sweet details linking back to Meghan’s childhood home of California are entangled among references to Kensington Palace.

Plus, the three quills are said to represent the Duchess of Sussex’ love of “communication and the power of words.”

But keen observers have noticed something a little disturbing on one of the main figures.

Flanking either side of the shield is a crowned animal, known as a ‘supporter’, with a lion symbolising Prince Harry on the left, and a songbird representing Meghan on the right.

But the position of the crown around the collar of the songbird’s neck, as opposed to on top of its head, makes it look like its being choked or strangled.

As a royal, Meghan won’t be able to make political statements like she has done in the past. Photo: Getty

While as the wife of Prince Harry, Meghan now has the biggest possible platform to affect change – something she has specifically said she wants to do – the fact that royals are not allowed to express political opinions will really change the way she goes about that goal.

But as sinister as the choking crown seems, it’s actually traditional for a royal bride to be represented in this way.

In the coat of arms given to Kate Middleton and Princess Diana’s families, both ladies were depicted in the same way.

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