Note from 'disturbed neighbour' complaining about crying baby causes outrage

Marni Dixit
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An angry note from a "disturbed neighbour" that was shared to Facebook has caused outrage among social media users.

The note, which is titled "Disturbed Neighbour" reads, "For the past [four] weeks I have been working from home due to the virus but have been [disrupted] with the continuous crying of your child.

A 'disturbed neighbour' has caused outrage after complaining about a crying baby. Photo: Facebook
A 'disturbed neighbour' has caused outrage after complaining about a crying baby. Photo: Facebook

"One hour I counted 16 bursts. Then I gave up. I know it is hard times [for] all of us. But this is doing my head in.

"I have had three children of my own, and a good smack on the bum never did them any harm. Please keep your child under control."

They then sign off as "Very Disturbed Neighbour".

Many social media users have been shocked by the fact they suggested the child's parents smack them in order to get them to be quiet.

Facebok comments about neighbour note
Many users questioned how smacking the baby would cause it to stop crying. Photo: Facebook

One user wrote, "If you think spanking children is going to solve anything, I invite the writer of the letter to read a few psychological studies about the long term neurological effects on spanking and hitting kids."

Social media users slam the person who wrote the note
Social media users shared their outrage at the note. Photo: Facebook

Someone else added that the user could simply buy earplugs, while another wrote, "So the baby was having a tantrum or maybe was being put down for a nap. Or wait... maybe, just maybe the baby was having a bad day and that WHOLE ENTIRE HOUR was just a rough hour and he/she had a bad time.

"I'm sure you were having a much worse time than the 'Very Disgruntled Neighbour'. FFS the neighbour needs to cool their jets. I can't stop laughing at them though... what an idiot."

Another said, "My kids cutting her first tooth. She cries a LOT more than 16 times a day... my neighbours think she's the cutest though so they don't mind lol. Not smacking my 7-month-old."

Some users were on the writer's side
Some users, however, were on the writer's side. Photo: Facebook

However, some were on the side of the note's writer with one person writing, "That's when I get a recording of a kid crying and screaming, put the speakers against the adjoining wall, and let it play for a few hours in the nights."

Someone else added, "[OK] but seriously though, would you not also be annoyed if someone else's child was screaming their head off every day for half the day? The person endured for a month before getting pissed off enough to send a letter, props to them for lasting that long."

Another user responded, "I am sorry to break this to you, but in fact, the parent whose kid it is is probably much more frustrated and has limited resources to address this. Kids cry. Kids cry more under stress. Earplugs are cheap."

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