Disney Fans, Meet the New Emotions Debuting in 'Inside Out 2'

inside out 2 new emotions
Meet the Brand-New Emotions in 'Inside Out 2'Disney

It's official — after almost a decade since Inside Out debuted in movie theaters in 2015, we're getting re-acquainted with some of our favorite Emotions in Inside Out 2!

Fans remember from the first film that the story followed Riley Andersen as she experienced life in a new city. With her emotions Joy (Amy Poehler), Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Anger (Lewis Black), Fear (Tony Hale, replacing Bill Hader) and Disgust (Liza Lapira, replacing Mindy Kaling) alongside her, she was able to overcome everything and get into being a typical pre-teen.

Now, with Inside Out 2 exploring Riley as she turns 13-years-old, she's hitting the adolescent years of her life. And with a new phase comes a new set of Emotions Riley encounters ... leaving her original Emotions in a state of disarray they didn't see coming.

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"I think what Pixar does so well is they take these high concepts and they create this visual landscape that can help us communicate better and talk about stuff," Amy told Yahoo! Entertainment UK about the new Emotions. "In the first one they managed to find a way to remind us that sadness is [okay], it's okay to sit with sadness and just stay there ... and [in] the second one anxiety shows up and gets everyone all bothered. The best way I can describe is there are scenes in the film where anxiety is taking over and changing things, the way in which anxiety is enlisting other people to worry is super funny and so smart."

Are you ready to get in your feelings? Let's all meet the newest Emotions joining Inside Out 2, along with who voices them and how they influence Riley:

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Voiced by: Maya Hawke

Like the name of this emotion, Anxiety is often jittery and comes armed with plans for how to handle every social situation Riley gets into. Because this emotion is common in teenagers, Anxiety often is front and center and can't necessarily gotten rid of so easily. But despite always being there, she just wants the best for Riley.

inside out 2 new emotions anxiety


Voiced by: Ayo Edebri

While small in size, Envy is powerful in Riley's journey through adolescence. She is constantly wanting what she doesn't have, therefore exhibiting this emotion within Riley. But as she's focused on getting the newest and best thing, it may require some glitter and self-esteem in order to quell her...

inside out 2 emotions envy


Voiced by: Adèle Exarchopoulos

This emotion looks at the world with a sense of dullness to her, leaving Riley to think the most mundane things in life as boring. While the other Emotions can get extremely dramatic in their feelings, Ennui comes in to help bring the chill factor... something teenagers desperately want sometimes amid a crazy world around them.

inside out 2 new emotions ennui


Voiced by: Paul Walter Hauser

Self-conscious and awkward, Embarrassment is there to help Riley remember some of her cringiest moments in life. While he's shier and quieter than the other Emotions, the minute Riley starts to feel nervous about not fitting in, he's right there at the console, ready to take Riley's feelings up another level.

inside out 2 new emotions embarrassment


Voiced by: June Squibb

Like her name says, Nostalgia is there to help Riley reminisce on all the things that happened to her before she became a teenager. Her role in Riley's life isn't exactly known at the moment, given how this Emotion comes with memories that Riley may not remember throughout the movie...

inside out 2 new emotions nostalgia

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