Discovering The Fun With 'Frozen Dinosaur Eggs'

Summer's here and you're going to want to find fun things to do with the kids. That's why our very own archeologist of fun Jessica Hord found this awesome activity involving frozen dinosaur eggs! Everything you need to uncover the dinos is down below.   You'll Need: — Balloons — Small plastic dinosaur toys  — Cups — Various tools for breaking into eggs (Jessica used a rubber mallet, dish brushes, and a spray bottle) — Glitter, dirt, and sand (optional)   Instructions: 1. Stretch the balloon a few times to loosen the rubber.   2. Using fingers, open balloon as much as possible and stick a toy dinosaur inside (a helping hand is useful but not necessary).   3. Fill a balloon with water. (This is when you can add any of the optional items above.) Tie the top of the balloon when there's enough water for the toy to float.   4. Put the balloon in a freezable cup and freeze for 24 hours.   5. Cut frozen egg out of the balloon, place outside with tools for cracking into the egg(s). You're done!   Inspired by: Sisters, What!