The Discontinued Godiva Chocolate Drink That Deserves A Comeback

Godiva Dark Chocolate Decadence Chocolixir
Godiva Dark Chocolate Decadence Chocolixir - THANAN KONGDOUNG/Shutterstock

For chocolate lovers everywhere, Godiva's Dark Chocolate Decadence Chocolixir was once the epitome of indulgence. This frosty drink, known for an extra smooth texture and rich taste, was a staple in Godiva's stores. Its luxurious blend of dark chocolate and creamy milk made it an irresistible treat for anyone with a sweet tooth. However, in 2021, due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Godiva was forced to close all of its U.S. stores, leading to widespread disappointment among many.

Founded in Belgium in 1926, Godiva has long been a symbol of high-quality confections, earning a reputation as one of the most beloved chocolate brands worldwide. While renowned for selling truffles in iconic gold packaging, stores and cafes also offer a variety of exclusive items unavailable elsewhere. One such item was the Dark Chocolate Decadence Chocolixir. Topped with a hefty dollop of whipped cream, dotted with dark chocolate bits, and drizzled with silky chocolate syrup, it's no wonder it was a social media favorite. For many, this was less of a drink and more of an experience that brought joy and satisfaction. The closure of Godiva's stores meant that this beloved beverage, along with other in-store exclusives, was sadly discontinued, leaving fans without their cherished dessert.

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Godiva's Chocolate Drink Is Still Thriving Abroad

Godiva store in Japan
Godiva store in Japan - Henry St John/Shutterstock

While the return of the Chocolixir in North America remains uncertain, not all hope is lost. As evidenced by an Instagram post from Godiva Australia, the Dark Chocolate Decadence Chocolixir still appears to be alive and well Down Under. Some press releases also give the impression that it might still be available in Japan and other international locations. So, perhaps it's time to pack your bags?

If jet-setting across the globe isn't on the agenda, there are still plenty of delicious ways to satisfy those chocolate cravings. While you wait for the possible return of the Chocolixir, you can indulge in Godiva's current offerings, which include indulgent chocolate bars, signature hot cocoa mixes, exquisite truffles, and even chocolate-inspired ice cream available at your local supermarket. Additionally, limited edition products and seasonal offerings are continually introduced to keep Godvia's lineup fresh, such as holiday-themed gift boxes and other items designed for special occasions.

As demonstrated by the release of canned cakes in the company's Japanese locations, Godiva certainly hasn't hit the brakes on innovation. In fact, the brand shows no signs of slowing down, as highlighted by its newly appointed president, Steve Lesnard, and his ambitious plans to expand and increase sales. There's always a chance the Chocolixir will make its triumphant return to North America, but until then, there's no shortage of sweet treats to enjoy!

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