Dip Grilled Cheese In Applesauce For The Perfect Savory And Sweet Combo

grilled cheese sandwich and applesauce
grilled cheese sandwich and applesauce - Cary Dante Heard / Facebook

Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches are a classic comfort food combo. However, it turns out tomatoes aren't the only red fruit (yes, fruit) that can be transformed into an accompaniment for the cheesy sando. Applesauce is also an excellent pairing for a grilled cheese sandwich. As many people on the internet have discovered, dipping the sammie directly into your snack-sized cup of Mott's will take your tastebuds on a unique flavor journey that TikToker Trinh Carreon, a.k.a. @trinhdoesthings, is totally behind.

After getting the suggestion from a follower, Carreon gave the combo a try in a TikTok posted in November 2021. In the video, the TikToker is seen giving their sandwich a hearty dunk in the applesauce before taking a big bite. After a few seconds, their eyes get wide in surprise and they let out an "mmm" to show approval of the pairing. "Yo, grilled cheese and applesauce...10," they say as they go in for another bite.

Carreon then continued to share their new-found love for grilled cheese sandwiches dipped in applesauce in the comments section. "It was so good! I was shocked if you couldn't tell," they said in response to one commenter. "It's definitely interesting but tasty," they assured another.

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Experiment With Different Types Of Cheese Or Applesauce

apple and cheese on board
apple and cheese on board - Fotogal/Getty Images

We can understand some people might be hesitant to dip their grilled cheese in applesauce. However, if Carreon's reaction to the umami-rich combo wasn't enough, several Redditors have also shared their support for it, including u/themountainlotus, who deemed it "a top-tier delicacy."

Apples and cheese have long been known to be a match made in heaven, as evidenced by the slice of cheddar that New Englanders have been slapping on top of apple pie since the 17th century. "Apples and cheese make an irresistible pair," writes North Tisbury Farms. "They offer the perfect marriage of sweet and savory."

When it comes to choosing which type of cheese to use in your grilled cheese and applesauce pair, cheddar is always a solid choice –- though you should feel free to experiment with other types of cheeses or applesauce flavors to kick this combo up a notch. Cinnamon applesauce, for example, might go nicely with a grilled cheese sandwich made with a creamy, buttery brie, as these flavor combos can mimic those of a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese. Additionally, there are applesauces that are flavored with other fruits, such as strawberry, which can make a great dip for a blue cheese or fontina sammie, while mozzarella and peach-flavored applesauce could make a great pair.

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