Dev Patel’s new movie debuts with 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating

monkey man official trailer
Dev Patel’s new film lands 100% on Rotten TomatoesUniversal

Dev Patel's new movie Monkey Man has debuted to an impressive 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The action film follows an anonymous young man called Kid (played by Patel) who works in an underground fight club and sets out on a journey of revenge against corrupt leaders who killed his mother.

Monkey Man, which is produced by Nope's Jordan Peele, also marks Patel's feature directorial debut, and going by the first reviews the star has a promising career ahead behind the camera.

monkey man official trailer

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While some critics suggested it was a flawed first movie, there has been praise for the actor's directorial skills and artistic vision.

Here's what they've been saying:

Screen International

"As a star, Patel has rarely been better. And as a director, he grants an intoxicatingly gruesome vision of the kind of gritty vehicles he could steer in the future."

Next Best Picture

"Patel has created a solid story and filmed it so masterfully that it works on every level. The film’s emotional hook sticks with you afterward, but while watching, it’s a thrilling, stylish adrenaline rush that will have you right there next to Kid for every punishingly satisfying moment. Watch out, world. Dev Patel has officially announced himself as an Action Auteur and is ready to kick the genre into the future."

monkey man official trailer

Black Girl Nerds

"Monkey Man is action-packed, full of thrills, and deliciously violent. If you have a knack for the action genre, you’ll absolutely love what this film will bring."


"It’s abundantly clear it was crafted by a passionate and determined artist with a vision. Patel swings big from start to finish in Monkey Man. Some of those are home runs and others are misses, but there’s an assuredness to all of his choices that makes Monkey Man especially exhilarating to watch play out, and it also makes Patel a very exciting voice to watch in this space."

monkey man official trailer

"Dev Patel pours his entire self into Monkey Man. Some comes over the sides and the mix might not always be right but there’s an undeniable passion here that comes through in a genre that too often feels like it came off an assembly line."

The Guardian

"It isn’t and hasn’t been the smoothest ride, but as proof of concept for Patel’s action movie bona fides in front of and behind the camera, consider Monkey Man a success."

Monkey Man is set to be released in US cinemas on April 5, 2024.

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