Dev Patel details gruesome hand injury during Monkey Man filming

dev patel as kid wearing a monkey mask, monkey man
Dev Patel on Monkey Man filming injuryUniversal

Dev Patel has opened up on a nasty hand injury he sustained at the time of filming his directorial debut, action-thriller Monkey Man.

Produced by Get Out's Jordan Peele, Monkey Man is set in India and follows the Kid (Patel) who, inspired by the legend of Hindu deity Hanuman, seeks to avenge his mother's death and hold the city's corrupt elites accountable.

Premiered at SXSW to positive reviews earlier this month, the film includes some pretty intense action sequences, as Patel explained when appearing on The One Show.

dev patel as kid wearing a monkey mask, monkey man

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"Before we started shooting, I broke my toes," he revealed. "Then I broke my hand."

Patel said Monkey Man was "quite a low-budget movie", hinting at his hand injury resulting in some production challenges.

"It was quite a low-budget movie and the whole production was in a crumble because to have a cast on your hand and try and VFX that out is… [hard]," he said.

"We got on this private plane because it was during Covid and we couldn't break the bubble because of insurance reasons," the actor-director recalled when revealing the graphic details of his injury.

dev patel as kid, monkey man

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"A doctor put this screw on my hand and he goes: 'You cannot put more than a pound or two of pressure on this hand otherwise this nail will bend and it will be like pulling a nail out of wood'," he said.

"And I was like: 'Got you, doc' and then we went straight back into the most insane action sequences. I had this kind of huge, puffed-up elephant foot of a hand."

Despite the difficulties posed by his injury, Patel looked back on filming fondly, calling the making of the movie "the most insane and rewarding and nourishing experience of my life".

Monkey Man is set to be released in cinemas on April 5.

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