Details About Yum Crumbs From Shark Tank

Strawberry Shortcake Yum Crumbs
Strawberry Shortcake Yum Crumbs - Facebook

A "Shark Tank" deal can lead to substantial gains for a company trying to make it to the next level. The show is in Season 15, and almost 60% of products pitched thus far have gone on to reach success. While it's not a Cinderella story for every business owner who presents their product, the cookie crumbled in favor of Florida-based dessert topping company Yum Crumbs on Friday's episode of "Shark Tank."

Yum Crumbs's founder Delson Jeanvilma appeared before the sharks to pitch his brand, and he walked away with $100,000 from Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John, who received a 20% stake in the company. The judges typically look for a solid business plan and financial data, as well as impressive sales. Jeanvilma checked those boxes. The original pitch offered a 10% stake in exchange for $100,000, and they negotiated from there. This emotional win for Jeanvilma, who began crying over the recent death of his mother, could help him expand into major grocery stores and other retailers.

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What Are Yum Crumbs?

Colorful Yum Crumbs with spoon
Colorful Yum Crumbs with spoon - Facebook

Yum Crumbs came about to fill a void in the baking industry. In 2020, Delson Jeanvilma started the company to eliminate a time-consuming step in the baking process. As a professional baker who has over 10 years of experience under his belt, he found it tedious to make crumb toppings for cakes and other desserts. So, he asked some of his peers in the baking industry if they would be interested in a product that would take care of the crumbs for them. They were enthusiastic, so he developed a line of crumb toppings that come in a variety of flavors to sell to bakeries in bulk quantities as well as to individuals.

The crumbly topping is marketed as a "cookie meets sprinkle topping." They come in more than 20 regular flavors, as well as additional seasonal and gluten-free options. The toppings are made from crumbs, sugar, sprinkles, and candies. The company's website suggests adding them to pancakes, oatmeal, cupcakes, and ice cream.

Yum Crumbs offers lots of well-known flavors as well as some more obscure ones. Some of the standbys include Strawberry Shortcake, Salted Caramel, Birthday Cake, and PB & J. As the holidays ramp up, the brand has started selling festive options. Among them are Santa Claus Cookie, Candy Cane, and Gingerbread. Others, like Maple Bacon, are somewhat outside the box. The company also offers "Shark Tank"-themed Bundles on its website. The judges have their selection of flavors that can be purchased together.

Yum Crumbs Is A Family And Minority Owned Company

Delson Jeanvilma presenting on Shark Tank
Delson Jeanvilma presenting on Shark Tank - Facebook

As we're all looking to support more minority-owned businesses, "Shark Tank" is doing the same. For Season 15, the show partnered with Shoppe Black to promote minority-owned companies. Yum Crumbs is one such business that has reached a deal.

Founder Delson Jeanvilma's care for his company and family is evident. During the episode, when he tearfully accepted the deal, he spoke about the importance of taking care of his employees, no matter what hardship or challenges life throws his way. And, his entire family is pictured at the forefront of Yum Crumb's website.

Before the episode aired and the deal was clenched on Friday, Jeanvilma posted to his Facebook page that he considered his "Shark Tank" opportunity the "Super Bowl of Entrepreneurship." He wrote that Yum Crumbs would "leave it all out on the field" during the show. "The lights are shining bright with millions watching. Your team is down a score with 5 seconds left on the clock. Do you fold, or do you come in clutch?" Judging from the outcome, it seems he came in clutch.

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