Detail in gym-goer's outfit baffles TikTokers: 'Something's not right'

A gym-goer has turned heads after people noticed one startling detail about her choice of outfit for her workout.

A video posted to TikTok showed the woman squatting in the gym with a weighted bar, however people were shocked as it appeared she was not wearing pants.

The woman's muscular legs were outlined through the flesh-coloured tights, further adding to the illusion the woman had left her gym pants at home.

People flocked to the comments to say they did a double take as they came across the woman's workout video.

A woman lifts weights while wearing flesh-coloured pants.
People said it looked like the gym-goer had forgotten to wear pants. Source: TikTok

"Something don't seem right," one commented on the video.

"Why would you choose that colour?" another confused TikToker said.

"Girl. Get another colour of tights," somebody else suggested.

"I still don't think it's pants," a fourth added.

The gym-goer however was unphased by the comments, posting a follow-up video defending her choice of outfit.

"I love nude colours, brown, you'll have to get used to it bro," she captioned another video of her squatting.


It comes after another TikToker was left questioning her outfit choices after she got some strange looks at an airport in the UK recently.

Sal and her partner Scott were jetting off for a holiday when they began to realise that people were staring at them.

They claim the dirty looks were a result of Sal’s skin-coloured trousers which she paired with a white shirt.

The entire airport outfit gave the impression that she was nude from the waist down.

The woman appears to be wearing no pants as she strides through the airport in flesh-coloured tights.
Passengers were left fearing one woman had forgotten her pants when she turned up in her 'airport outfit.' Source: TikTok

In the clip, an excited Sal can be seen walking through the terminal and onto the tarmac at Stansted Airport.

But behind the scenes, they said they were getting some odd glares from fellow passengers, and many of the couples’ 27,000 TikTok followers were quick to agree.

“I would definitely have taken a double take,” one person wrote online.

“Omg I thought that!” said another.

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