Sienna Miller Recalled “Quickly” Falling In Love With Oli Green And Admitted It Was “Annoying” When She Found Out He Was 14 Years Younger Than Her

Since Sienna Miller and Oli Green were first linked over two years ago, there’s been a lot of chatter about their 14-year age gap.

Sienna Miller and Oli Green pose together. Sienna wears a white top, and Oli wears a blue button-up shirt over a white t-shirt
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And now, in a new interview, Sienna has shared more about the start of their relationship, explaining that she didn’t intend to end up with someone that much younger than her.

Sienna Miller smiles at an event, wearing a stylish textured blazer
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Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar UK, Sienna recalled meeting Oli at a Halloween party, where it took her a little while to consider that he could be a potential partner.

Sienna Miller, in a pinstriped suit, sits with Oli Green at a formal event. They hold hands, looking attentive. Others are also seated around them

“I didn’t expect to take it seriously,” she said, “and then quite quickly, I fell in love.”

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From what we know, Oli would’ve been around 24 when they met, while Sienna would’ve been 39. Speaking about their age gap, she said it wasn’t a massive appeal that Oli was younger than her but rather an annoyance.

Sienna Miller is in a dress, being affectionately embraced by Oli Green, who is in a dark suit while sitting in seats at an event

“I wasn’t like, ‘I’m gonna get a younger boyfriend,’” she said. “It was more, ‘Fuck! Why are you young? That’s so annoying.’”

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Despite this, the pair soon started dating and have been together ever since. They welcomed a daughter together late last year, and in her new interview, Sienna admitted she finds dating someone from a different generation quite soothing and enlightening.

Smiling Sienna Miller in a sparkling one-shoulder dress and Oli Green in a suit and tie, posing together at a formal event

In December 2023, Sienna told Vogue that the idea of dating Oli was initially “absurd” to her, revealing that he “worked hard to persuade [her] to go out for a drink with him” after their first meeting.

Closeup of Sienna Miller and Oli Green
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Even after Sienna agreed to go out with Oli, she was still a little unsure, so she enlisted the company of her good friend Emily Blunt, who served as her “wingwoman” on one of their earliest dates.

Sienna Miller and Emily Blunt

And the rest is history! You can read Sienna’s full interview with Harper’s Bazaar here.

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