'Are you serious?': Bizarre designer condom range leaves shoppers stumped

Saint Laurent has launched a range of luxe condoms [Photo: Saint Laurent]

Forget fancy dresses and handbags, a designer brand has now launched a line of luxe condoms and people on social media can’t quite get their heads around the idea.

French fashion house Saint Laurent - the brand dropped ‘Yves’ from their name in 2012 - released the range of contraceptives on Sunday.

At just over $9 a pop, they’re not cheap, considering you can pick up a box of 10 by a ‘regular’ brand from the supermarket for about the same price.

There are seven designs in total which range from bang-on-trend leopard and zebra print to romantic love hearts and monochrome checks.

Saint Laurent condoms. Photo: Saint Laurent.
Twitter reacts to Saint Laurent's 'designer' condoms. Photo: Twitter.

Twitter reacts to Saint Laurent’s condoms

Over on Twitter, fans shared their reactions to the chic rubbers online.

“Why am I so tempted to buy these YSL condoms when I’m not even going to use them, I just want to collect them for the sake of fashion lmao,” wrote one.

“That’s the level of extra I aspire to,” another said.

“I had NO idea these exist wth,” said one.

“Saving them for my wedding day,” admitted one.

“£5 for a f**king rubber” added another in disbelief.

“Honestly sounds exactly like something I’d waste my money on,” commented another.

“Are you serious?” asked one.

“Weird flex but okay,” said another.

“For £5, I’d hope they work,” a third joked in response to queries over the condom’s efficacy.

Twitter reacts to Saint Laurent's 'designer' condoms. Photo: Twitter.
Twitter reacts to Saint Laurent's 'designer' condoms. Photo: Twitter.
Twitter reacts to Saint Laurent's 'designer' condoms. Photo: Twitter.

Safe and stylish sex

It’s not the first time a designer brand has dabbled in safe sex.

Back in 2017, Alexander Wang teamed up with Trojan condoms to encourage New York Pride-goers to have safe sex alongside the incredible tagline ‘#ProtectYourWang’.

In June this year, the fashion world’s biggest stars were invited to the Vetements SS20 show with glossy black condoms emblazoned with the name of the French power label.

Saint Laurent’s exxy condoms are only available to buy at the brand’s luxury Parisian concept store, Rive Droite, along with a variety of other household items such as chopsticks, refillable lighters, matchboxes, tennis rackets and skateboards.

Vetements also jumped on the 'designer' condom bandwagon. Photo: Instagram/vetements_official.
Virgil Abloh IKEA MARKERAD. Photo: IKEA.

Louis Vuitton designer does IKEA

But that’s not all. Giving boring, everyday items a stylish makeover appears to be in vogue right now with the designer behind Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh, teaming up with affordable furniture brand IKEA.

Called ‘MARKERAD,’ Virgil’s limited-edition 15-piece collection of rugs, tables and clocks is described as “a mix of items that are basic needs when creating a first home”.

By the looks of things, however, they’re anything but ‘basic’. There’s the quirky ‘Wet Grass’ rug that costs $299 and another floor covering that resembles a giant IKEA receipt.

Then there are two brown paper bags emblazoned with the word “SCULPTURE” that come in small and large and cost $16.99 and $19.99 respectively - but would you pay 20 bucks for an IKEA bag?

MARKERAD will launch in all IKEA Australia stores on Thursday 7 November.

Virgil Abloh IKEA MARKERAD. Photo: IKEA.
Virgil Abloh IKEA MARKERAD. Photo: IKEA.

If you’re into that sort of thing, then why not consider ASOS’ faux Apple Airpods?

Even though they’re technically don’t work - they’re a ‘fashion accessory’ only - at $12 they’re over 250 bucks cheaper than the real deal.

ASOS fake Apple Airpods

Additional reporting by Danielle Fowler.

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