Dermatologist Weighs In on Jason Kelce's Controversial Shower Routine That Doesn't Involve Feet Washing

The retired football player sparked a debate online after he revealed on social media that he doesn’t wash his feet regularly

<p>Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty; Lisa Lake/Getty</p> Dermatologist responds to Travis Kelce

Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty; Lisa Lake/Getty

Dermatologist responds to Travis Kelce's controversial feet washing routine

Here's one thing Jason Kelce isn't wishy-washy about.

The former Philadelphia Eagles player, 36, became the center of debate on June 1 after clapping back at someone on X (formerly Twitter) who stated that the NFL star doesn’t “look like” the kind of person who washes their legs or feet.

What kind of weirdo washes their feet?” he replied, hinting that he doesn’t scrub his toes on a regular basis.

In a follow-up X post, he went as far as stating: “All of you have been fed diabolical lies that washing every crevice of your bodies and hair all the time is somehow better or healthier.”

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On a June 5 episode of his and brother Travis Kelce’s New Heights podcast, Jason doubled down on his opinion.

“Why the f--- would I wash my feet? I’m not touching my feet unless I’m clipping my toenails,” the dad of three — and passionate flip-flop wearer — argued.

Side note: if you’re wondering if Travis, 34, takes after his older brother, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end said: “I’m not washing my feet every time, but after a football practice where my feet have been like [makes sloshing noises] yes, I wash my feet.”

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Jason’s hot take on cleanliness led dermatologist Aaron Farberg to weigh in on the heated subject.

In a clip from the Morning on Merit Street show that played back on a June 12 New Heights episode, the skin expert validated Jason’s statement, noting that “you don’t always have to wash every part of your body.”

“Well I think that’s a win,” said Jason, whose surprised reaction played out on screen.

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Travis steered the conversation into questionable territory when he said, “You don’t even have to wash your ass. It is what it is, whatever floats your boat.”

But that’s where Jason draws the line. “It’s a hot spot, you gotta wash your ass.”

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Jason is also a nonchalant guy when it comes to his style.

In a previous podcast episode, he — who once went viral for wearing skinny jeans, thong sandals and a T-shirt to a game — expressed his lack of concern when it comes to his looks. "What the f--- do I care about a game-day 'fit.”

“I didn’t think you cared about looking nice, that's all,” Travis joked, to which Jason replied, “If it’s functional, high quality and it looks good, I’m all for it."

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