Denise Austin Dropped A 'Then & Now' IG Pic From 30 Years Ago And It Is 🔥

denise austin is strong all over in a leotard 'then and now' ig pic
Denise Austin Is Strong All Over In Leotard IG PicFrazer Harrison - Getty Images
  • Denise Austin posted a "then and now" photo of herself on Instagram in a blue leotard that she wore 30 years ago, and she is strong all over.

  • The fitness coach regularly shares strength training and Pilates workouts on her website and social media.

  • She believes that her energetic attitude keeps her feeling young, and wants to inspire women to keep the same mindset as they age.

Perhaps the greatest Halloween flex of all? Dressing up as yourself. Denise Austin pulled out her leotard for a little throwback “then and now” Instagram photo, proving to everyone that she is stronger than ever.

The 66-year-old fitness coach rocked a blue leotard with matching socks and chunky white sneakers to show off her toned legs, butt, and arms. While the O.G. "then" photo is a bit grainy (it was taken 30 years ago), it's clear that Denise was, and still is, seriously strong and toned all over. Hello, triceps!

“Flashback Friday!!! Then and Now!!" she captioned the photo. "It’s so much fun to re-live these incredible memories!!! I wore this leopard over 30 years ago while filming my TV show and WOW i am so HAPPY I saved it!!!! I feel just as great in it now as I did back then!! That’s why I believe so much in daily movement!!"

Fans loved this fun moment and hyped up Denise in her comments section. “No difference," wrote one follower. Another commented, “Better with age!!!"

Denise is definitely sculpted and glowing in both photos. So, if you’re wondering what she does to stay so fit, you’re in luck, because she shares a lot of the details online.

For starters, Denise regularly shares simple workouts for women on her website and social media. Most recently, she dropped her ultimate arm workout on her blog, which include bicep curls, tricep dumbbell kickbacks, and overhead shoulder presses, and her core crusher, which includes several plank and crunch variations.

She also shared her favorite Pilates moves to tone her arms on Instagram:

The three exercises include bodyweight arm sweeps, standing oblique crunches, and an airplane arm and leg sweep variation. These exercises work on balance and strength.

Denise also loves working out with her 30-year-old daughter, Katie:

And the mother-daughter pair even walked the 2022 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit runway together:

Above all, Denise truly believes that attitude is everything. For her, she feels young and energetic at 66, all because of her mindset.

"I want to inspire women of all ages to keep going—it’s worth it," Denise previously told New Beauty. "Being this age is so fun. You get to do what you want to do you and you feel good. And staying healthy with a good attitude is truly what kept me going all these years."

Denise, you are crushing it!

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