'Patchwork' denim wedding dress divides opinion

Penny Burfitt
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The dress is made entirely of denim, trimmed with a variety of fabrics. Photo: Facebook

A wedding gown’s unusual fabric and trimming is raising eyebrows online, and sparking a rather unfortunate comparison.

Posted in a wedding group on Facebook, the dress is made entirely of patched together denim in varying shades, finished off with lace detailing, white ribbon, and artificial flowers to cinch in the waist.

The dress even features a classic back pocket sitting just above the hem, clearing up any doubts that this cowgirl creation is a work of bonafide up-cycling at its most creative.

The unique spin not only on the traditional white, but also on classic fabrics such as silk and tulle, has left more than one commentator scratching their head over the practicality of the sweeping dress.

‘Hot, heavy and hideous’

Opinion was divided as to whether the dress was 'hideous', or passable. Photo: facebook

Many raised concerns over how heavy the gown would be for the bride-to-be to wear all day.

One called the dress a ‘HHH’, standing for ‘hot, heavy and hideous’.

The general sentiment was that the dress was not ideal for a wedding, or for many events outside of a formal rodeo event.

“I literally hate it. With every fibre of my being,” one deeply affected woman wrote.

“That's not a dress, that's a quilt,” another asserted.

Unexpected praise

Not even the back pocket woven into the ensemble could prevent some from praising the dress. Photo: Facebook

Others admitted they liked, and in some cases ‘loved’ the dress, back pockets and all.

“I love that dress tbh,” one wrote.

I’d really love this if it just weren't denim,” another admitted.

At least one didn’t know what to think.

“I don't hate it. I don't love it either. Not sure,” she wrote.

An iconic comparison

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake paved the way for denim formalwear way back in 2001. Photo: Getty Images

What everyone could agree on was that the dress was a slightly frillier version of a very famous denim look from almost twenty years ago.

“The dress that Britney would have worn if she married Justin,” one woman wrote, nodding to Britney Spears’s iconic look from the 2001 American Music Awards.

With the dress ticking both the ‘something old’, and ‘something blue’ boxes, it may just spell a whole new era of bridal wear.

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