'Delusional' parent's crazy demands for babysitter

A parent has been slammed as ‘delusional’ online after sharing an ad for a babysitter with some seriously full-on demands.

The ad for child care, originally posted to Facebook before being shared on Reddit, demands that the babysitter be available on a 24-hour basis, have no tattoos and (ideally) support President Trump.

“Looking for a babysitter in the area. PM me if you’re interested…” the 14-point original post started, before launching into its requirements. 

A Reddit ad demanding a babysitter who supports President Trump and is willing to pay for snacks for her children is being mocked. (Photo: Reddit/u/protoss12345)

“In exchange, I will be offering $10/hour under the table cash. It’s like making $15/hour normally but without paying tax. Serious inquires ONLY.”

Some of the mandates — solid references, background checks, CPR certification — are within reason and are often cited by parents who hire help. But some of the other rules made people flinch.

“I mean dodging taxes and underpaying (or not paying at all) for contracted work are two of [Trump’s] favourite things,” one person commented.

“I see you only have 8 years babysitting experience? NEXT!” joked  another.

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A few nannies were surprised by the food rule.

“…I eat the family’s food all the time. It’s sort of expected (it’s in fact in my contract that I can help myself to their fridge)…,” was one response.

“Mine let me buy frozen meals on their dime to keep at their house and they pay whenever I take the kids out to eat,” another agreed.

Parents described the ad as over the top.

I don’t have a nanny currently, but my expectation would be that they have full access to the fridge and to the house, just like any family member or friend. I mean, I trust them with my kids, but I don’t trust them with my fridge,” was one comment.

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