Delimex Taquitos Launches Campaign To Put LA Food Trucks On The Map

Delimex LA street food vendor
Delimex LA street food vendor - Delimex

Food trucks might seem like the farthest thing from the frozen food aisle, but Delimex Taquitos is looking to change your perceptions with a new campaign highlighting Los Angeles street vendors. LA is a street foodie paradise, with trucks and carts dishing out some of the best Mexican food in the country. But anyone who loves street food knows locating it can be problematic. Some vendors have social media accounts for tracking their movements, but there's often no way to find out where a good stand is located other than happening upon it. This means there are tons of delicious tacos and burritos out there that people would love to eat, but don't know about. Delimex Taquitos is aware of this problem, and it wants to help.

Starting on September 13, Delimex is launching Street View Stores, a program to raise awareness of Mexican food street vendors in LA, according to a press release sent to Tasting Table. The campaign consists of multiple promotions, including getting vendor partners listed on Google Maps, and collaborating with influencers to get them into the public eye. "We know these authentic, Mexican street-style food stands are beloved by the local community but they certainly can be hard to find," says Delimex brand manager Lauren Nowak. "We felt this was the perfect opportunity for Delimex to ... shine light on passionate chefs and put them on the map so more people have the opportunity to support and experience their delicious food."

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Delimex Is Collaborating With LA Food Trucks And Street Vendors

Street taco vendor
Street taco vendor -

Delimex's Street View Stores goes beyond literally putting vendors on the map. The partnerships include food collaborations, with each vendor creating unique dishes that use Delimex taquitos. There is a video series on the brand's YouTube channel featuring interviews with the chefs that let them highlight their perspectives. Delimex is currently working with several vendors around Los Angeles, whose regional styles showcase the full diversity of Mexican food, from Oaxaca to Puebla and Veracruz. The stands are located across the full breadth of the city, from the beaches of Venice in the west to traditional Hispanic neighborhoods like Highland Park and Boyle Heights in the east.

Street food has been part of LA's culture for generations, with pushcart tamale vendors showing up in the city as soon as it started to grow in the 1870s. But street food has always been a controversial business, with strict crackdowns and regulations that make it hard for stands normally run by working-class immigrants to thrive. That attitude has been changing for the better recently, with California passing a bill that reforms codes around street vendors to make them easier to operate. Hopefully, programs like this that make street food easier to find and access will further the acceptance of one of the state's best culinary traditions.

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