Delay to bail decision for teen charged over abduction

Darren England/AAP PHOTOS

A 15-year-old accused of violently abducting a school boy will have to wait more than two weeks to hear if he is released on bail because his sister is going on holiday to Bali.

The teen is facing 25 charges after police allege he and two others went on a crime spree earlier this month in a stolen car, wielding machetes to steal from vulnerable Melbourne students leaving school for the day.

A 14-year-old boy is in hospital after suffering "potentially permanent and life-altering" injuries to his brain and spine after police claim he was dragged 150 metres in a moving car and then run over.

The accused boy appeared in a children's court this week as he applied to be released on supervised bail to live with his sister.

But a magistrate delayed this decision on Wednesday, after the court was told his sister was going on a two-week holiday to Bali and could not house the 15-year-old during this time.

Child protection workers told the court they were still trying to formulate a plan for where he could be housed, if he is released from youth detention.

"I find myself not being in a position to be able to make that decision today because I don't have all the relevant material before me," the magistrate told the boy.

"I need to know what the proposed living arrangements are."

He had previously lived with his sister for seven years and then returned to live with his mother, the court was told on Tuesday.

Police said when he was arrested they believed he and his mother were living in a stolen BMW.

The magistrate said she will hand down her decision on the boy's bail application on October 6.

Full details of the alleged crime spree were aired in a children's court on Tuesday.

The three teens allegedly travelled around Melbourne's southeast in a stolen Volkswagen Tiguan around the end of school on September 4, armed with machetes, the court was told.

In one alleged incident, at 3.25pm, the stolen car stopped at a bus stop and asked a victim if he had a phone.

The victim replied no and one of the offenders allegedly slapped him to the side of the face, causing his glasses to fall off.

A few minutes later, the teens allegedly stole two phones and a Nike jacket off two victims as they were leaving school.

They jumped back in the stolen car and then travelled to Glen Huntly, where it's alleged they started attacking the 14-year-old boy as he was walking home.

Two male teens allegedly began punching the school boy, before pulling him into the Volkswagen.

The vehicle took off as the boy was hanging from a passenger door, dragging him for about 150 metres and then throwing him out of the vehicle.

The teens then allegedly ran over the 14-year-old after he landed on the road.

About two hours later, the teens are alleged to have tried to steal motorised scooters from three victims, knocking one of the riders off his scooter and onto a nature strip.