Davina McCall moves on from abs controversy with more abs

Allison Yee
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

She’s the woman we all desperately want to look like when we’re 50.

And British celeb Davina McCall has refused to let body-shamers and their belittling comments get to her, by sharing a post-workout photo of her beaming ear-to-ear and showing off her rock-hard abs.

“So… just did spin with @lucy_spn.fit CRIKEY!” Davina captioned the snap.

Why don’t we look like this after a punishing workout? Photo: Instagram/davinamccall

“It was like a spin hiit class ! Epic 45 mins ! If you haven’t tried spin, find one that’s like a nightclub … i get that euphoria I used to get clubbing …. it’s genius !!! #spin #fitness#50andfaf #underboob

Notorious for being an outspoken body love advocate, the TV presenter made headlines just a few days ago when she shared a bikini snap.

Revealing exactly how she gets her super-toned body, the mum-of-three was completely unapologetic in celebrating her figure after ringning her milestone 50th last October.

“No apologies,” she wrote. “Because I cannot quite believe I am posting pictures of myself in bikinis still.”

If we had Davina’s body, we’d be flooding our feed with bikini snaps too. Photo: Instagram/davinamccall

Despite her positive attitude, Davina soon became the target of trolls who accused the star of being too thin and setting an unhealthy example for others.

And true to form, the haters came out again to comment on her latest spin class snap, too.

“I don’t mean to be rude, but I think you need to stop with the fitness thing, you look good, but [you’re] looking so thin,” wrote one follower.

Davina is completely unapologetic about loving her super-fit figure, posting this holiday snap last year. Photo: Instagram/davinamccall

“Put on some weight… and you will look great,” advised another.

For every hater though, there’s countless others who think Davina looks amazing – and her supporters were quick to jump to her defence.

“You look amazing Davina! So inspirational to women and especially us mums!” wrote one.

Davina’s supporters were quick to shoot down claims she’s looking too skinny. Photo: Instagram/davinamccall

“You look great Davina… Ignore the mood hoovers out here who say otherwise!” added another.

“Women can never get it right for the hate brigade can they Davina?,” was another comment. “Don’t ever feel the need to explain yourself. Keep on doing what you’re doing!”

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