Davina McCall admits My Mum, Your Dad can be "hard to watch"

My Mum, Your Dad presenter Davina McCall has called her new show "hard to watch sometimes" ahead of its premiere tonight (September 11).

The Big Brother and Masked Singer star is the host of the new ITV dating series which sees single parents looking for love come together in a country retreat.

The mums and dads have been nominated by their kids for a second chance at love and in a dramatic twist are revealed to be in charge of making their parents' romantic decisions (leading to embarrassment on both sides).

the my mum your dad contestants posing with their kids outside the show's country retreat

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"Yes, there are moments where kids have cushions in front of their faces," said Davina during a Q&A. "But it could be over something quite small and intimate, because they’ve never seen their parents in a date situation."

Davina then gave the example of Tia, who nominated mum Sharon for the show.

"Tia, seeing her mum, thought she looked all funny and saw her face softening," she said of her watching her mum on a date. "When you see someone, and you fancy them, you look different. And she was like, 'Mum looks weird', and it's because she fancies someone."

my mum, your dad trailer

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"It’s quite hard sometimes to watch, but the kids are really impressive," continued Davina, adding that they "make their parents so proud".

The presenter hopes that having both parents and children involved in the show will make it one that families can sit down and watch together, sharing "a laugh and a cry".

Episode one will reveal eight My Mum, Your Dad cast members and their respective kids.

clayton sharon elliott monique caroline roger my mum, your dad

Contestants include newly single Roger, a widower who is trying to move forward following the tragic death of his wife 18 months earlier.

Roger was nominated by daughter Jess, who said that she and her siblings put her dad forward as a "way of basically telling him that we were happy for him to start dating, if that was something he wanted to do".

Tia's mum Sharon is also looking for love after a "bad track record" in relationships, while single dad Paul just wants "someone to come home to every day".

My Mum, Your Dad starts September 11 at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX. The series will run on consecutive weeknights for two weeks.

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