Dave Grohl Says The Difference Between Foo Fighters And Taylor Swift Is That His Band "Actually Plays Live"

Let's start with the obvious: Dave Grohl is one of the most significant figures in American mainstream rock music. He is quite literally a living legend.

Foo Fighters onstage
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He's the rare superstar who's effectively had two successful careers — first as part of Nirvana, one of the greatest rock bands of all time...

Dave Grohl, Kurt Cobain in a striped shirt, and Krist Novoselic in a polka-dot shirt at an outdoor event, smiling and posing together
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And as the frontman of Foo Fighters, a massive band that's gone strong for nearly 30 years now.

Dave Grohl passionately plays guitar and sings on stage while Taylor Hawkins energetically plays drums in the background
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Dave's also rubbed elbows with some of the biggest names in popular music — fellow superstars, you could say. Here's a photo of him and Taylor Swift back in 2008.

Taylor Swift in a sleeveless dress posing with Dave Grohl in a suit at an event. Both are smiling
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Now, why did I choose that specific photo to highlight my point? Let's roll the tape.

Dave Grohl energetically playing an electric guitar on stage. He is smiling widely, wearing a long-sleeve shirt, and has long wavy hair
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So, there's a clip going around from Foo Fighters' London gig last night.

Dave Grohl playing guitar and singing into a microphone on a stage. Text reads: "Dave Grohl insinuates Taylor Swift does not play live" with a laughing emoji
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As you probably know, the London leg of Taylor's Eras Tour was also in its second round last night.

Taylor Swift on stage, wearing a fringed outfit, holding a glittery guitar, making a heart shape with her hands above her head
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Over at the Foo Fighters show, Dave wasted no time drawing parallels between their show and Taylor's — and his comments sure were something.

Dave Grohl plays an acoustic guitar and sings into a microphone on stage. A man in the background smiles while holding an electric guitar
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“So we like to call our tour the ‘Errors Tour,’" he said. "We’ve had more than a few eras, and more than a few fucking errors as well. Just a couple. That’s because we actually play live."

Dave Grohl performing energetically on stage with Taylor Hawkins playing drums in the background
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"What? Just saying. You guys like raw, live rock ‘n’ roll music, right? You came to the right fucking place.”

Closeup of Dave Grohl onstage
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Ironically, Dave only made his comments after his mentioning of the Eras Tour drew boos from the crowd — and he replied, rather ominously (and, again, ironically), “I tell you, man, you don’t want to suffer the wrath of Taylor Swift.”

Dave Grohl performing on stage with a white electric guitar, drum set and cymbals in the background
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Of course, it is just deeply weird to suggest that Taylor Swift isn't actually "playing" live. I'm not even saying that from the perspective of a Swiftie, which I am not — it's just common sense.

Taylor Swift performs while playing a piano covered in moss
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And the internet reacted accordingly:

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There were also some more sympathetic readings on Dave's comments, which are well worth considering:

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If I had to guess, I'd imagine we'll get some sort of clarification from Dave in the near future. In the meantime — let's all try to keep a cool head about this in the end.