Daughter on plane films ‘sweet’ moment her dad signals to her from his boat

Daughter on plane films ‘sweet’ moment her dad signals to her from his boat

A poignant moment between a woman flying over the Pacific Ocean and her father in a boat below has touched many across the internet.

On 11 September, @camillezea took to her TikTok to page to share the sweet signal her dad sent to her as she departed Los Angeles International Airport and headed to Europe. The video, which has now attracted over 6.4 million views, focuses on her view from the plane window. As the plane heads over the open water, a faint foam mark in the ocean appears.

“My dad on his boat signaling to me as I leave for my big Europe trip,” her on-screen caption read.

The plane eventually passes over right as her father connects the last of an infinity sign in the waves. “Infinity times infinity. Right back at ya, Dad,” Camille wrote.

The heartwarming interaction prompted 1.3 million users to interact with the post, with over 9,627 individuals commenting on the beauty of Camille’s bond with her father.

“Crying on the toilet,” one woman said, while another noted: “That’s so sweet I love parents. I need to call my dad.”

One fellow father added: “As a dad I’m not crying you’re crying.”

More fans shared their own experiences of travelling without their parents, while some pointed out how emotional they’d get if that had happened to them.

“My mom stands and waves until I see her fade away. How lucky are we to be loved so deeply,” a TikTok user remarked.

Another individual said: “I would’ve cried the entireeeeeee way to Europe. How special.”

The 23-year-old daughter confessed she did get emotional on the flight. When a woman told her she had been crying watching the footage, Camille replied: “Me too. Me too.”

The Independent has reached out to Camille for a comment.

Camille’s lovable admission comes after an adorable moment between a UPS driver and his children was caught on camera.

TikTok user Alexis (@lifewiththebegnoches) posted a video of her three kids being surprised by their dad coming home before their bedtime.

In the video, the three daughters - Bryleigh, seven, Ila, six, and Eliana, two – were patiently waiting in the driveway when their father’s UPS truck pulled in. Eliana screamed hello, while her puzzled sister asked: “What are you doing here?”

“The pure joy,” Alexis’s caption read.