Daughter attacks mum after catching her cheating

Team Be

YouTube channel To Catch A Cheater shows some pretty bizarre cases of people stalking their partners in the hope of catching them in the act with someone else.

But a new video filmed in Mexico takes things to a whole new level when a young woman named Karla, asks the camera crew to follow her mum and her friend for two weeks to determine whether she is cheating on her dad.

“I don’t know what to do with my mum,” she says, “lately she’s been weird, absent from home, and rude to my father.”

“I think something’s happening.”

What do you consider evidence for cheating? This woman loses it at her mum after stalking her to a motel. Photo: YouTube/To Catch A Cheater

Karla plants a secret phone in her mum’s car so that the camera crew can track her GPS location, and leaves them to circle the streets covertly filming her mum and the friend for days on end.

Karla thinks her mum’s friend is hooking her up with other men, or in some way assisting in an affair, but after a fortnight of stalking brought up zero suspicious behaviour, the camera crew film her pulling into a motel with the friend.

Certain conclusions are jumped to, and Karla’s anger goes through the roof.

Following her mum and the friend to a carpark, she runs over to them and immediately starts attacking the two women.

Things get very aggressive as the daughter confronts the mum with violence before giving her a chance to explain anything. Photo: YouTube/To Catch A Cheater

Expletives are liberally thrown around, as you can see in the video above, and things get quite violent.

The women, who have not actually been caught cheating on camera, are understandably shocked and confused and not given the opportunity to explain themselves.

Viewers commenting below the video were equally confused, and asked whether pulling into a motel with someone is actually cheating.

“Do you consider that cheating though?” one person wrote, while another asked, “Is it just me or were they stalking her mum?”

“Fighting and pulling people out of vehicles isn't the right way to confront people,” said a third.