Dartmoor dig unearths Stone Age 'viewpoint'

Excavation work on Dartmoor
Flint tools have been unearthed at the dig on Dartmoor

Archaeologists investigating a ridge of high ground on Dartmoor believe they may have found a Stone Age viewpoint for spotting prey.

More than 80 flints - possibly 8,000 years old - were recovered during excavations on a farm near the village of Lustleigh.

Experts think hunter-gatherers made the tools while looking out for deer grazing on the land below.

This is the third time experts have investigated the area.

"The site poses interesting archaeological questions about how and why people used the landscape in a period about which little is currently known on Dartmoor," said Dr Lee Bray from Dartmoor National Park Authority.

"It is located on a ridge between the high moors to the West and the Wrey Valley immediately to the east.

"The location may have provided hunter-gatherers with a good vantage point from which to observe game moving through the landscape."

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