"Honestly, I Am So Sad": Danny Trejo Spoke Out About Seemingly Getting Into A Fight On The Fourth Of July

Danny Trejo is speaking out after getting into a sticky situation on the Fourth of July.

Danny Trejo wearing a blue jacket and a cross necklace, smiling at a step and repeat event
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ABC News recently reported that the legendary 80-year-old actor was involved in a fight during the Sunland-Tujunga Fourth of July parade in Los Angeles. You can watch some video of the altercation here.

Danny Trejo is smiling, wearing a baseball cap that reads "Trejo's Cerveza" and a baseball jersey with "Dodgers" on it
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The fight occurred after someone reportedly hit Danny's car with a water balloon while he was driving as part of the parade itself.

Danny Trejo smiles widely while wearing a Los Angeles Dodgers jersey and a cap at a Dodgers game

In an interview with TMZ, Danny gave his side of the story and explained why he reacted how he did, elaborating that the incident really kicked off after someone allegedly screamed that one of the balloons that hit his car was filled with acid.

Danny Trejo smiles at an event, wearing a black hat, black blazer, and a silver necklace with a cross pendant
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“Honestly, I am so sad. I’m so sad that I behaved the way I behaved,” he said. “I’m so sad that grown men gotta throw water balloons to enjoy a day. I don’t think I would have even got out of the car if somebody hadn’t yelled, ‘It’s acid.’ That’s when I panicked.”

Danny Trejo wearing a hat, black shirt, and blue blazer at an event
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“I got out of the car and then — boom — a balloon hit me and I looked up and I see a guy holding a [water balloon]. I go, ‘What in the hell is wrong with you?’”

Danny Trejo poses on the red carpet in a grey suit and black hat, revealing the interior of his jacket lined with a design
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Danny went on to claim that he believed the attack on his car was racially motivated. “I’m just sad that there’s still people from the ‘50s and ‘60s that still feel the same way. No one else was targeted,” he said.

Danny Trejo speaks into a megaphone at an outdoor event
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But he was also quick to clarify that, in the end, he's doing just fine. “I’m alright. They couldn’t hurt me,” he said. “I would be embarrassed if I attacked an 80-year-old man and he’s still talking and laughing.”

Danny Trejo wearing a hat and a long coat smiles at the 90th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade event
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All's well that ends well!