Daniel Webber and Nicholas Hamilton on Danger Close, high heels and their favourite type of bread

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A photo of Australian actors Daniel Webber and Nicholas Hamilton on Build Series Sydney.
Up-and-coming Aussie actors Daniel Webber and Nicholas Hamilton dropped by Build Series Sydney. Photo: Build Series Sydney.

The young stars of upcoming war epic Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan, Daniel Webber and Nicholas Hamilton stopped by Build Series Sydney to discuss their new project with host Flex Mami.

In Danger Close, Daniel and Nic play real-life Vietnam War Privates Paul Large and Noel Grimes respectively, two of just 108 Aussie and New Zealand troops that went up against a 2,500-strong North Vietnamese and Viet Cong army in the bloody Battle of Long Tan.

The heroic and tragic event is one that not many Australians actually know about, largely because many of the vets were shunned by the government and society - and even barred from RSLs - when they returned home.

“We made this film for [the veterans] to get the recognition they deserve,” Home And Away alum Daniel told Flex.

“It’s such an incredible story and it needs to be heard by everyone,” Nic added.

It’s a story that hit close to home for It Chapter Two star Nic, who turned 18 the week before filming began, making him one year younger than Private Grimes when he was conscripted.

“It’s nuts. I’m in no position to hold a gun or go into battle,” Nic said when Flex pointed out that, just a few decades ago, he could’ve been in the same position.

Nic went on to reveal that his milestone birthday - and the “loose” party that same night - played a big role in bonding the cast together.

“There are plenty of stories from that night,” he sheepishly admitted.

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For Daniel, coming home to tell an Aussie story was a “real treat,” particularly after spending three months in New Orleans shooting Nextflix’s The Dirt, in which he stars as Mötley Crüe lead singer Vince Neil.

He described Private Large and shock-rocker Vince as “very different human beings” - largely due to the fact that the latter loved wearing four-inch platform heels on stage.

“I don’t know how I don’t have a broken ankles,” he joked about performing in the risky footwear.

To wrap up their chat, Flex threw Daniel and Nic a quirky question about their preferred type of bread - and the boys didn’t miss a beat.

“I’m a big fan of brioche,” Nic said, while for Daniel it’s all about the baguette.

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