Dangerous escapee remains at large

Palen Creek Correctional Centre
Police are on the hunt for three prisoners who escaped a rural Queensland jail on Sunday. Picture: Queensland Police

The shocking meaning behind escaped prisoner Daniel Badcock’s face tattoos has been revealed as Queensland police continue their desperate search for one of his accomplices.

Badcock, Osiah Pilton and Antonio David Mene allgedly escaped from Palen Creek Correctional Centre, about 100km southwest of Brisbane near the NSW border, on Sunday. It’s understood the prisoners allegedly escaped together.

Queensland police recaptured two of the men – Badcock and Pilton – more than 100km from the correctional centre while at Northgate about 10am on Monday and remanded the pair into custody.

The third man – Mene – is still at large.

Authorities previously released photos of all three men on Monday and warned the public to not approach the prisoners and contact police immediately if sighted.

Badcock has several tattoos, including a diamond on the left side of his face and the word “Omerta” above his right eye.

That tattoo is understood to be a vow of silence among prisoners about criminal activity and a refusal to give evidence to police as well as a code of honour.

Badcock also has tattoos on his arms and left leg, including a knuckle duster across his right hand and dollar sign on his left hand.

He is serving a one-year term for the selling, possession and/or use prohibited weapons/explosives.

A major manhunt is underway for three prisoners who have escaped from a correctional facility on the New South Wales-Queensland border. Police are asking the public not to approach the men.

Pilton is serving a one year and nine month sentence for entering a dwelling with intent, without violence or threats.

He has a “mum” tattoo above his left wrist and a blue diamond on his left leg.

Mene, is serving three years for the illegal use of a motor vehicle. Police say he has a light build and is 170cm tall and about 73kg.

He also has a pierced left ear and tattoos, including a full calf tattoo on his right leg, a name on his inner forearm and other designs on his left hand.