Dami Im opens up about returning to Eurovision in 2023

Dami Im opens up about returning to Eurovision in 2023.

Video transcript

DAMI IM: I always said that I would come back. Well, I was going to come back in 2021 and life happened, and it kept falling over. And so I would love the chance to do it again one last time. And I'm hoping that could be this next year coming up. I really do want to have a final shot at it because the first time was just an incredible experience and a pivotal moment in my career, and personally, as well.

You know, I do talk about it a lot, in great depth in the book, how that's-- it was the start of my relationship with Sony and the management kind of becoming shaky, and well, me realizing that I could make changes and questioning everything. And so I was still learning about myself, and my music, and the environment I was in. And now, I'm at a much different, such a different place, musically, and as a person, so I would love to enter as a new version of myself and just see what I can do with my amazing new team of people and with more control. Yeah.