Dami Im opens up about her ‘unfair’ treatment at Sony

Dami Im opens up about her ‘unfair’ treatment at Sony.

Video transcript

DAMI IM: It was, like, comical because it was so unfair, you know?

- Yeah.

DAMI IM: The amount of disrespect and how just-- yeah, nonsense. A lot of the things that went on in the company was, yeah, ridiculous. But, yeah. Like, I can always laugh about it now because, yeah, it was just-- it, you know, doesn't hold any power over me anymore, so I can laugh about it.

But, like, when you think about it, so many artists went through it. And many of them didn't make it through. They had to give up. They disappeared. Nobody hears from them anymore. And that was the reality. And, you know, I've been incredibly lucky that I had people like my current manager, Ken, and, you know, my great family, my husband, who really supported me through those moments when my music video was just being chucked in the bin, my photos were dumped. You know, my album just, like--

- You had to rerecord, like, 90% of your third album.

DAMI IM: And-- yeah, I was just lucky enough that I had those people to-- so that I'm still here doing what I love. Like, I've survived it and. I am so aware how lucky that is. But, yeah, I just-- maybe I'm hoping that by me talking about it, those artists that were treated like that and the staff can feel some sort of, like, relief that, hey, like, that happened to me, too. Do you believe me now, you know?