What is the DALL-E mini AI art generator that’s taking over Twitter?

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You may have noticed some pretty freaky images on your social media feeds. Perhaps you’ve spotted a court sketch of Godzilla on trial or Gollum eating watermelon.

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That’s because artificial intelligence (AI) technology has created one of the most sophisticated mashup-making, art-generating machines available to the public. The AI program DALL-E creates nine-panel comics based on art descriptions input by users. Of course, that means the internet is busting a gut as every one of its wildest dreams instantly comes true.

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What is DALL-E?

Known as DALL-E, a play on Disney’s robot WALL-E and Spanish artist Salvador Dalí, the open-source AI program can transmute human language descriptions into their near-exact corresponding images.

“I’m dying,” @tylerzanca said of their Godzilla portrait.

“LMAO I can’t believe how accurate this thing is,” @twerkforseitan wrote in a tweet.

What is the difference between DALL-E mini, DALL-E and DALL-E 2?

OpenAI has three different versions of its program. DALL-E mini, at Hugging Face, is the popular version because it produces the silliest, most imaginative images.

DALL-E, at OpenAI, is a bit more sophisticated. Therefore, the images are a lot more realistic and less meme-able. OpenAI has also launched its waitlist for DALL-E 2, the upgraded and improved version of DALL-E.

How do you use DALL-E programs?

The best part about using the open-source program is how easy it is. All you have to do is use your imagination. Visit Hugging Face, go to the search bar and type in a noun, a verb, another noun and an art style. For example, “Cardi B riding a bike to Woodstock ’99 rococo” might yield some interesting results.

Note: Hugging Face currently states “too much traffic, please try again” when you attempt to use the program. While that gets sorted out, here’s some inspiration in the meantime.

This monstrosity by @Fruitymcdoo is Joe Biden whip nae nae dancing in “the backroom.”

Enjoy this “old photo of esteemed US Civil War general George Costanza” by @karides_antonio and let reality fall by the wayside.

Did you see that rapper Snoop Dogg was at the Battle of Gettysburg? It’s true, at least according to @LegendDallE.

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