A 'Daily Mail' Source Dishes on Tension Between Scott Disick, Travis Barker, and Kourtney Kardashian

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Sources Dish on Tension With Scott, Trav, & KourtGetty Images

Scott Disick has been an unofficial Kardashian since day one of the family's ascent to Mega-Fame™, and he's still very much a part of their inner circle. But apparently Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's relationship caused even more tension behind the scenes than was initially reported...

A source who spoke to the Daily Mail claims that "When Travis got together with Kourtney on the heels of her and Scott’s long romance, he felt threatened by Scott," which fair enough if true—who wouldn't be vaguely insecure around their girlfriend's ex?

But the source (who seems to have somewhat of a Team Scott bias, just fyi!) added that "Travis made it awkward for Scott to be around the family when he was there. His constant kissing and groping of Kourtney was his weapon and he knew that it would keep Scott out of the picture—and it did at the time. Travis needed Scott to know that Kourtney was his now and, as a result, it caused Scott to distance himself from the Kardashians."

Ooookay! The source also went ahead and claimed that "Travis' game plan to get Scott out of the picture backfired tremendously" and that "He knows that the Kardashian family's loyalty lies with Scott. Kourtney and Scott's kids also are very loyal to their father and will always side with Scott when it comes to Travis' issues with their dad."

I mean...things seem amicable enough on The Kardashians, which currently stars Kourtney, Travis, and Scott. Though...not usually in scenes together. Either way, interesting intel to be taken with several grains of salt!

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