Dad's sweet birthday surprise for his daughter will warm your heart

Kristine Tarbert
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A dad’s sweet birthday surprise for his daughter’s 6th birthday has gone viral.

Dylan Hamilton wanted to make his little girl’s day special so he decided to take the day off work to drive two hours and surprise her at school.

“I planned on flowers, balloons, and food from the beginning but not dressing up,” Dylan tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“I dressed up because I woke up in a great mood and was excited about seeing her. Plus, I don’t dress up often and my mum always likes when I do.”

Dylan decided to surprise his daughter for her birthday. Photo: Supplied/Dylan Hamilton

He tidied his beard, pulled his hair back and set off to meet her for lunch at school, grabbing her favourite Taco Bell on the way.

“I was waiting in the hallway when her class came out of the room in single file to head to lunch,” he tells us.

“Other children pointed out my presence to her asking ‘Is that your dad with the balloons and flowers?’ She was ecstatic!

He got dressed up, got flowers and balloons and drove two hours to her school. Photo: Supplied/Dylan Hamilton
He waited in the hall with her favourite Taco Bell. Photo: Supplied/Dylan Hamilton

The teacher gave us the option to sit inside with the class or eat outside alone. I left that decision up to her and she wanted to eat with her class and introduce me to her friends. She shared her cinnamon twists with the others and other kids shared their snacks with her.”

Dylan moved from South Carolina to Florida after he split from his ex-partner Ashley, who moved to Florida with their daughter. The pair are still great friends and Dylan wants to set a good example for his little girl.

Dylan and his daughter having lunch in the classroom. Photo: Supplied/Dylan Hamilton

“I might be getting a lot of ‘father of the year’ recognition but its more of co-parents of the year, if you ask me.

“There is great co-parenting tandem with her mom, Ashley. I couldn’t do it without her. And I want to set standards by showing our daughter her worth, and show how I still show her mom love even though we aren’t together.”

Dylan wants to set a good example for his little girl. Photo: Supplied/Dylan Hamilton

Dylan shared the adorable images of his surprise on Facebook and the post has since gone viral with almost 135k shares and over 51k likes.

“This is sooo cute,” one person wrote.

“I wish my daughter had a father like you,” another said.

“My heart, I’m gonna bawl my eyes out seeing this,” was another comment.

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