Dad takes heartbroken daughter to Disneyland every time she goes through a breakup: ‘This is the purest thing ever’

A dad is going viral for taking his daughter on post-breakup trips to Disneyland, and TikTok can’t handle the sweetness.

TikToker Kenzie (@kenziritotheburrito) gained over 2.5 million views and nearly 2,000 comments when she uploaded the heartwarming video to her account.

We’ve seen touching daddy-daughter videos go viral before — like this woman who surprises her heartbroken dad with a tear-jerking gift after he loses his beloved dog of 13 years.

But Kenzie and her dad are touching hearts all across TikTok with their special relationship.

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“Thinking about how both times my relationships ended, my dad took me to Disneyland, just him and I together,” Kenzie’s video begins, a tear rolling down her cheek.

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The video then cuts to photos of Kenzie and her dad at the park. They’re smiling and having fun together, despite the heartbreak she was experiencing.

“He is quite literally the cutest and most caring man to walk this earth,” the video’s caption reads.

“No, this is the purest thing ever 🥺,” one user commented.

“Now I’m crying,” another user wrote.

“We must protect him at all costs,” commented another user.

“This man is a SAINT,” wrote one user.

“The only man you need 🥺,” commented another.

“I’d be faking a breakup 😂😂,” one user joked.

Kenzie and her dad prove that no matter what emotional obstacles life may throw your way, you can overcome anything when you have family in your corner.

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