Dad slams judgmental parents in viral post about autism

Kristine Tarbert
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A dad’s post slamming those who feel the need to judge other parents when they are dealing with a child that has autism has gone viral.

Adam Poole shared a post on Facebook alongside a photo of the “best mum” he knew, as she sat in the middle of the path cradling her child.

“Just some advice for those with no experience of autism,” his post began.

‘Just some advice for those with no experience of autism.’ Photo: Facebook/Adam Poole

“When you see a child having what appears to be a meltdown in public, just walk past and keep your mouth shut,” he continued.

“Don’t shake your head, don’t stare, just get on with your day. Your shitty look on your shitty face doesn’t help anyone.”

The dad from the UK wanted to bring awareness to what so many others deal with on a daily basis, and his post has now gone viral.

In just over 24 hours, it has been shared almost 50,000 times and had over 2,800 comments.

Adam’s post was shared on Facebook. Photo: Facebook/Adam Poole

Many in similar situations thanked him for speaking up.

“As a mum of two teenagers with aspergers, I know how you feel,” one woman commented. “When mine are being rude to me as they’re frustrated, or overwhelmed, you get looks. It’s hard enough, without judgement.”

Been on the receiving end of all that too much. Parents are meant to help one another not judge,” another added.

Photo: Facebook/Adam Poole

Too many people judge and open their mouths when not necessary too,” was another comment.

Many also admitted to being the judgmental person themselves and said they would try to be better.

Hugs to all the parents that have to cope with meltdowns,” was one supportive comment.

“Thank you for posting this,” said another.

It is clear that being positive and supportive can make a huge difference, as this one mum put perfectly in her response.

I was once told it takes a special mother to bring up a child with autism,” she wrote.

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