Dad hilariously gags his way through baby diaper change

Kristine Tarbert
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A mum has shared the hilarious moment her partner couldn’t stop gagging while trying to change their daughter’s nappy.

Lucy, from Orange, NSW, shared the hilarious video of partner Cody on Facebook with the caption “Still get a good laugh every time I watch it”.

While trying to change the nappy after a number two, dad Cody can’t stop gagging and can be seen continuously dry retching.

“Worst sh** ever”, Cody can be heard saying, while mum struggles to hold back the giggles as she sneakily films from the doorway.

Lucy sneakily filmed her partner during the nappy change. Photo: Facebook/Lucy Taber

“He still cracks me up every time. Even dry heaving this morning just taking a nappy out that I had changed haha! But he is such a good daddy, still always trying to help,” Lucy tells Be.

The footage was soon picked up by Blokes Advice and has since had almost 500,000 views and been shared 4,500 times.

Many have labelled the dad an ‘absolute trooper’ for ‘getting it done’.

I laughed so bloody hard,” was one person’s response.

Cody couldn’t stop gagging. Photo: Facebook/Lucy Taber

“This is so hilarious!! I love a dad that changes nappies though,” another said.

Dead set, best thing I’ve ever seen,” was another comment.

Good on you Cody for pushing through!

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