New dad goes from being ‘nervous’ to hold baby girl to never wanting to put her down

A new father’s video about his baby girl has TikTok in its feelings.

On Feb. 21, fitness model John Gaines and his Grammy-nominated girlfriend, singer-songwriter Victoria Monét, announced the birth of their daughter Hazel Monét Gaines. You might say in 10 short months, fatherhood has already transformed John.

The dad shared what it was like holding his daughter for the first time and what it felt like nearly a year after that.

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“This was about an hour after she was born,” John said. “I remember being nervous holding her.”

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In the video, the new father sits in a chair at the hospital, snuggly holding his newborn girl, looking in awe of her existence. Like any new dad, he does look a bit anxious. The footage cuts to 10 months later, with John holding Hazel above his hip.

“Now, I don’t want to put her down,” he said.

The touching video warmed people’s hearts and received over 1.9 million views.

“That was how my husband was when our son was born. Now they are besties. Shout out to amazing dads,” a user commented.

“She’s your mini-me,” another wrote.

“People tell me my dad was the same way. He’s holding me in every picture,” someone added.

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