New dad's 'appalling' move during wife's labour leaves onlookers gobsmacked

Penny Burfitt
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A new baby can be scary, overwhelming and basically any adjective that conveys the sheer immensity of welcoming a new life into the world.

New mums and dads acting a little strange at times is hardly anything new, but one dad’s decision during his wife’s labour has left onlookers seriously shocked.

The dad in question has found himself cooked through after he was absolutely roasted for ditching his wife during her labour, in a tale that’s been dubbed ‘seriously devastating’.

A woman revealed when she went into labour, her husband was nowhere to be seen. Photo: Getty Images

Shared to the Reddit thread, Am I The Asshole? by the new mum, the short but stressful tale has sparked an outcry among thousands of members of the online community.

“I recently had a child and my husband didn’t show up until about an hour after I had given birth,” the 25-year-old mum explained.

She clarified her husband is 29-years-old, and when questioned by her about his whereabouts provided possibly the world’s weakest birth-avoidance alibi.

“I asked why he took so long to get here and he told me he had to help his friend clean their garage and that he planned to be here after it was done,” she wrote. “I got furious at him for prioritising someone’s clean garage over his wife going into labour.”

He argued he couldn't attend because he was cleaning a friend's garage. Photo: Getty Images

“He says that he doesn’t see it as a big deal and says that he feels like he shouldn’t have to go if he didn’t want to. I was really hurt by that comment and I’m not sure if I should have been mad.”

Reddit users slam dad’s ‘selfish’ move

Many were simply furious that the man had prioritised someone else’s garage over the birth of his child and the wellbeing of his wife.

“You giving birth should have been a very important thing to him too!” one person pointed out. “He should have been there anxiously waiting for news and holding your hand and reassuring you during a painful and possibly [scarring] experience, not helping clean his friend's garage.”

“Damn, this should have been one of the most important days of his life. He was really insensitive and honestly a jerk.”

“You really should throw the entire man away and start over,” one person advised.

“What an absolute brat,” another agreed. “He sounds like he has the mentality of a 14-year-old.”

Can a squeamish partner miss the labour?

More than proving some people truly are the worst, the situation raised some very serious questions around when, if ever, the partner who isn’t physically carrying the baby should be allowed to stay away from the labour.

“Going through labour is both tough and hard and as the wife you should be supported in any way you possibly need. He needs a major correction as to what matters in life...” one person wrote.

Another argued that perhaps a serious issue with hospitals or blood could have been behind the avoidance.

“Honestly, I think a birth can be pretty traumatic for either person and there are situations in which a spouse can not be present in the actual birthing room when it happens which are fine,” they wrote. “Like if the spouse straight up passes out at the sight or smell of blood, for example. But this is something that should have been discussed and figured out beforehand - together.”

Others disagreed, arguing whoever is giving birth should always be prioritised.

“He helped to make the baby, he should be there for you when you deliver it,” on simply pointed out.

It’s not the first time a partner has seriously dropped the ball at a pivotal moment.

One man left onlookers shocked when he admitted he had kept his daughter a secret from his fiancée until just four months before their planned wedding.

The wife-to-be had no idea the daughter, who lives in New Zealand, existed, despite the pair dating for more than two years.

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