Dad attacked by vile trolls for kissing six-week-old daughter

Olivia Morris
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When you’re a new parent all you want to do is soak up every ounce of precious time you have with your newborn baby.

A tender moment of a father kissing his six-week-old daughter on the lips was caught on camera and shared on social media.

The dad, named Sean, made the sweet photo his cover picture on Facebook, but he was horribly attacked by trolls for the photo.

The photo of Sean and his six-week-old daughter Bella which got a troll extremely riled up. Source: Supplied

After commenting on a post in a Facebook group, one woman took extreme offence to Sean’s picture and inundated him with some horrific messages.

“She said that he was a pedo and ‘what father kisses his daughter on the lips?'” Sean’s partner Christal told Kidspot. “She said she was calling DOCS so he can’t molest his daughter anymore – and was constantly calling him a child rapist and paedophile.”

What had been his favourite picture, now reduced Sean to tears due to the awful comments by the woman.

“I felt angry at first,” Christal explained to the publication. “I have never had anyone call him that or even imply that and Sean was crying – so I knew he took what she was saying to heart.”

The new mum shared the shocking story in a mums group on Facebook and was flooded with positive responses from other mothers.

Sean and his partner Christal. Source: Supplied

Unfortunately, many other women also shared that their male partners were wary of posting such personal moments on social media due to the risk of negative reactions.

Sean admitted he hoped his story would help to encourage more dads to be affection with their children.

“One thing I could hope is to encourage more fathers to not be afraid to show affection to their children and to share it publicly,” he told Be. “To make it aware that sadly there are people out there who have these negative opinions.”

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