Dad accused of 'sexualising' nine-month-old girl

Sarah Carty

Outraged parents are up in arms about Twitter pictures of a baby girl, which they believe have been ‘sexualised’ by the bub’s dad.

A mum took to Twitter to upload the adorable and completely innocent photos, which show her baby girl posing for a nine-month-old milestone snap.

The little girl can be seen in the first picture with her legs spread wide, holding on to her toes with her hands, in a typical baby pose.

However, it’s the next photo the Twitter police are fuming over, as it shows the baby girl’s dad holding her legs closed.

A dad has been slammed online for posting over these pictures of his baby girl. Photo: Twitter

“Daddy was not having it,” the mum wrote, alongside three laughing emojis.

While the mum was simply having a laugh, other parents didn’t see the funny side, and let their feelings be known in some pretty outrageous responses.

“Yikes I wouldn't leave him alone with her if I were you. What kind of sick man thinks that way about a baby?,” one woman tweeted, with her tweet now having over 11,000 likes.

The woman went on in another tweet to claim that all the dad has done is sexulaise his child.

“Babies kick and stretch and pose and there is nothing inherently sexual about it, but he saw it that way,” she said.

Other commenters agreed, saying that the parents don’t realise they’re ‘sexualising a baby and she doesn't even have teeth yet’.

Outraged parents believe he was sexualising his nine-month-old girl by closing her legs. Photo: Twitter

“Way to sexualise a child, well done,” another person said on the thread.

The mum ended up stepping in again on the conversation to try to diffuse the situation.

“Y’all act like he glued her damn legs shut. It was a joke and a second. Our daughter is free to stretch however she wants. Worry about your own life thanksssssssss,” she wrote.

People were quick to come to her defense, with one man claiming people were going ‘way over the top’.

“Why was something sexual the fist thing that came into your mind when she did that???? YALL WEIRD,” another commenter said.

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